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Caughnawaga I.R. | Iroquois, Mohawk (1921)

Index: Native Surname Census Extracts


This is part of a larger project to locate surnames carried by Canadian Natives, First Peoples and Metis.. In this series of posts, I list surnames carried by Aboriginal (or part Aboriginal) individuals in the Canadian 1901, 1911 and/or 1921 census records. Note: There are regular updates including external links (e.g. maps, encyclopedia) and added information (e.g. specific tribal affiliations). The companion series – Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames of Eastern Canada – Marriage Records  – contains many of the same surnames as well as others.


1. To reach the original census records for the district named below, you can click on the External Links at the bottom of the post.

2. You can also click on each individual surname to reach its listing in one of the census records (usually 1901 or 1911).

3. Surnames highlighted in orange also appear in the Marriage Records (although often spelled differently). 



Census Data:

Enumeration District: Laprairie-Napierville, sub-district 29, Caughnawaga Indian Reserve (1921)

[Iroquois, Mohawk]






BarnesBarney – Bassett

Beaubien –  BeauvaisBell – Bellefleur

Benedict  – Blue  – Bonami – Bourbonnais




Captain – Cane – Cardinal – Charlie – Conners


Cross The RiverCurotte


Daibo –  D’Ailleboust –  Dasony – Dawney –  

Day  –  Decaire – Deepsky – DeerDeerfootDeerhouse

  DelarondeDelisle –   Delorimier – Depeau (Crepeau?)

Dicaire – Diome – DionneDominick

Dorais – DorionDostator – Dove – Douglas

Douglass – Dulude


Fall? – Faubert

Foster – French


Gatien – Gauthier –  Giasson

Goodleaf – Gordon – Gras

Granger – Gregoire

Green – Grenier



HillHorne – Horning






Jackson  – JacobsJocksJohnson


Kanenho  – Kelly

Laborgne – LacombeLaforce – Lagan

Lahache – Lapointe – LatourLawrence

Lazare – LeafLeclairLee

LefebvreLefort – Lussier – Lute



Martin –  Mayo  – McComber

McGregor –   Meloche –  MillerMitchel

Mongo – MonickMoniqueMontour –  MoonMorris




Pard – Parquis – Patton Paul


 Perras – PetersPeterson

Phillips – Poirier – Pinsonneault



Rice –  Rinfret Ross


Saylor – SeymourSimonSimpson

Sky –  Smallfence – Splicer  – Stacey

Standup – Stalk



Thomas Tremble – Twoaxe



Viau  – Vincent


Wilems – WilliamWilliams

 White  – Woodman


Yellow – Zacharie



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External Links

Enumeration District: Laprairie-Napierville, sub-district 29, Caughnawaga Indian Reserve (1921)

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