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Index: A Portrait Gallery of Traditional Quebec Life, Trades & Professions

A Portrait Gallery of Traditional Quebec Life, Trades & Professions | First French Canadian Settlers of Quebec

Some years ago I was combing through the discarded books at my local library when I was lucky enough to come across this wonderfully illustrated volume called Les Anciennes Familles du Quebec. I used it for several years with my students as they worked on family history projects and I’ve decided to share it with readers of this blog because I think it could be very helpful to other teachers of Quebec history as well as to those of you writing your own family histories.

The series was privately created by Quebec’s Brasserie Labatt Limitee as an homage to the pioneer roots of the Labatt family and its employees shortly after the 350th anniversary of the founding of Quebec. I’ve learned that it was serialized in newspapers at the end of the 1950s so the book might be a collections of those articles. The book appears to be out of print but I’ve included the Montreal Archives information at the foot of this post so you can use that as a reference.

As you can see above, each entry is a two-sided page with a biography on the left and an illustration and mini-biography on the right. Each illustration depicts an early Quebec settler (usually at work) and is dedicated to a specific pioneer.  For the time being I’m reproducing the images with some brief notes but when I have a chance I’ll start adding supplemental information.

A final note – how sad that only men were depicted in this series. I hope to find something similar some day to honours our foremothers as well!





Baker | Jean Gervais (m. Anne Archambault)

Miller  | Pierre Bissonet (m. Marie Aubonne)

Miller | Olivier Charbonneau  (m. Marie-Marguerite Garnier)


Miller | Noel Simard (m. Madeleine Racine)





Farmer  |  Francois Allard (m. Jean Anguille)

Farmer | Phillipe Amyot (m. Anne Convent)

Farmer | Jacques Archambault (m. Francoise Tourault)


Farmer | Jean Baillargeon (m. Marguerite Guillebourday)

Farmer | Andre Barbeau (m. Marie Gagne)

Farmer | Jacques Bernier (m. Antoinette Grenier)


Farmer | Robert Caron (m. Marie Crevet)

Farmer | Francois Chagnon (m. Catherine Charon)

Farmer | Jean Cote (m. Anne Martin)


Farmer | Gregoire Deblois (m. Francoise Viger)

Farmer | Jean de Lalonde (m. Marie Barbay)

Farmer | Rene de La Voye (m. Anne Godin)


Farmer | Jean Descary (m. Michelle Artus)

Farmer | Germain Doucet

Farmer | Rene Dubois (m. Anne Julienne Dumont )


Farmer  | Pierre Duval  (m. Jeanne Labarbe)

Farmer | Jean Gagnon (m. Marguerite Racine)

Farmers  | Guillaume & Charles Gauthier (m. E. Hamburg & C. Camus)


Farmer | Etienne Gelinas (m. Marie Beauregard

Farmer | Nicholas Gendron (m. Marie-Marthe Hubert)

Farmer | Joachim Girard (m. Marie Haley)


Farmer | Louis Guimont, Farmer (m. Jeanne Bitouset)

Farmer | Louis Hebert (m. Marie Rollet)

Farmer | Pierre Lefebvre (m. Jeanne Juneau)


Farmer | Jacques Massicotte (m. Catherine Baril)

Farmer | Rene Ouellet (m. Marie Rivet)

Farmer | Vincent Poirier (m. F. Pignuet & J. Renaudeau)


Farmer | Claude Sauvageau (m. Jeanne Legendre)

Farmer | Pierre Tremblay (m. Ozanne Achon)





Edge-tool maker | Urbain Beaudry (m. Madeleine Boucher

Sharp tool maker | Pierre Paradis (m. Barbe Guyon)





Militiaman | Jean Beaudoin (m. Charlotte Chauvin)

Military | Jean Besset (m. Anne le Seigneur )

Militiaman |  Louis Guertin (m. Elisabeth Le Camus)


Militiaman |  Mathurin Langevin (M. Marie Renault & Therese Martin)

Militiaman | Etienne Lessard (m.Marguerite Sevestre)

Military | Andre Jarret de Beauregard (m. Marguerite Anthiaume)


Military | Samuel Papineau (m. Catherine Quevillon)

Militiaman | Jean Valiquet Laverdure (m. Renee Lope)





Mason/Stone cutter | Jean Cousineau (m. Marie-Jeanne Besnard dit Lajeunesse)

Mason | Christophe Drolet (m. Jeanne Levasseur )

Mason (& sawyer) | Urban Jette (m. Catherine Charles)


Stonemason | Francois Belanger (m. Marie Guyon)

Stonemason | (Damien Berube (m. Jeanne Savonnet )





Carpenter |  Isaac Bedard (m. Marie Girard)

Carpenter |  Fiacre Ducharme (Marie Pacrau )

Carpenter | Pierre Godin (m. Jeanne Rousseliere)


Master Carpenter | Nicolas Pasquin (m.  Francoise Plante)

Carpenter | Guillaume Pelletier (m. Michelle Mabile)

Cooper | Antoine Roy-Desjardins (m. Marie Major)


Master Joiner & Sculptor | Jean Levasseur (m. Marguerite Richard)

Sawyer | Jean Leduc (m. Marie Soulinie)


Wheelwright | Jacques Menard-Lafontaine (m. Catherine Fortier)





Bailiff |  Antoine Girouard (m. Petronille Georgeon)

Crown Prosecutor (Ass.)|  Bolduc, Louis m. Elisabeth Hubert)

Fisherman  | Mathurin Dube (m. Marie Campion)


Fur Trader | Nicolas Forget Despatie (m. Magdelaine Martin) 

Gentleman | Theandre Chartier (m. Marie-Madeleine Lambert)

Lime-maker  |  de La Berte, Robert  (m. Francoise Gausse) 


Medical care  | Claude Bouchard (m. Marguerite Benard)

Porter | Nicolas Audet (m. Madeleine Despres)

River Pilot | Abraham Martin (m. Margerite Langlois)


Sailor | Noel Langlois (m. Francoise Garner)

Servant  | Jean Leblanc (m. Euphrasie-Madeleine Nicolet)


Weaver  |  Toussaint Giroux (m. Therese Leblanc)

Weaver | Mery Pasquier (m. Vincente Beaumont)




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Reference Information at the Montreal Archives: Piece PO796, Les Anciennes Familles du Québec / Brasserie Labatt Limitée, Ville de Montreal,. Section des archives, CA M001 XCD00-P0796, , Montréal (Québec).

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