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Index: The Algonquins In Canadian Census Records

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Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts



This is where I place links to extracts of census records for the Algonquins in Quebec and Ontario. Each link below leads to a post with a list of the surnames carried by the Algonquins in a single given subdistrict at one point in time. Where technically possible, I’ve linked to each surname individually. Where I couldn’t do that I’ve made a link to the subdistrict. In all cases I’ve linked only to records that you can access free of charge.

Some other First Nations (including Algonquians] are listed in these other indexes:  The Abenaki,  The Innu Montagnais Naskapi,  The Iroquois Confederacy The Maliseet and The Mi’kmaq. The Ojibway and Chippewa will also be a standalone index (coming soon).

If you’re not sure which specific Nation you’re looking for you might find the  Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts helpful, That is where I catalogue all the First Nations census records as I find them.

If you are looking for Algonquin or other First Nation marriages, then you’ll also want to consult the  index of Native/First Peoples/Metis Marriage Extracts which includes some extracts from Algonquin marriage records as well as couples listed as parents on baptismal certificates or the marriage records of their First Nations or mixed offspring.





Ontario  |  Renfrew North  |  Lac Temagami


Ontario  |  Renfrew North  |  Mattawa


Quebec  |  Pontiac | Unorganized Territory  |  Barriere de Kakiprongang


Quebec  |  Pontiac | Unorganized Territory  |  Grand Lac-Victoria





Ontario  |  Nipissing  |  Beaucage I.R. (1901)  newly indexed


Ontario  |  Renfrew North | Algona South


Ontario | Renfrew South | Griffith & Matawatchan (1901) newly indexed


Quebec  | Chicoutimi & Saguenay  | Ouiatchouan


Quebec  |  Deux-Montagnes | L’Annonciation


Quebec  |  Pontiac | Abitibi, James Bay, Matagama, Moose Factory, New Post


Quebec  |  Wright  |  Maniwaki


Quebec  |  Wright  |  Sicotte, Lytton & Baskatong





Ontario  |  Renfrew North | Golden Lake, South Algona, I. R. Beaver Lake


Quebec  |  Chicoutimi & Saguenay  | Pointe Blene

Quebec  |  Labelle | Lac Vert



Quebec  |  Pontiac  | Nedelec Indian Reserve


Quebec  |  Pontiac  |  Opasatika  (1911) newly indexed

Quebec  |  Wright |  Maniwaki I,R.


Quebec  |  Wright |  Michomis | Algonquin






Ontario  |  Renfrew North  | Golden Lake I.R.


Quebec  |  Pontiac | Abitibi-Temiskaming I.R.    


Quebec  |  Wright  |  Lytton  |  Baskatong


Quebec  |  Wright  |  Michomisse


Quebec  |  Wright  |  Subdistrict 29


Quebec  |  Wright | Maniwaki I.R.


Quebec  |  Wright  |  Sicotte, Lytton & Baskatong (1901)  newly indexed




Surname Anchor Posts


Adam, Laramee

Antoine  –  Atkinson


Bernard  – Brazeau



Dumont  –  Faubert


Giroux  –  Langevin



McGregor  – Mitchell



Pierre / St. Pierre


Robinson  –  Simpson




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Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts

Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Marriage Extracts


External Links

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Algonquin Nation Tribal Council

Ontario Algonquins

Anishinabeg Tribal Council


Anishinaabe Baptiste


Barrier Lake Algonquins





Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Long Point First Nation

Lac Simon

Mattawa/ North Bay


Shabot Obaadjiwan




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  1. looking for information that Hyacinthe Larocque born 1853-1925 whom is buried in St Mary’s cemetary in Williamstown ON, , married to Madelene St-Louis Larocque born 1857-1931– daughter; Mary Elizabeth Larocque; born1884-!959 resided on the reserve in Akwesasne and is in fact Native descent.


    Comment by Robert J | August 30, 2019 | Reply

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