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Carleton Agency | Cree, Mixed, Sioux (1) (1901)

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This is part of a larger project to locate surnames carried by Natives, First Peoples and Metis in Eastern Canada. In this series of posts, I list surnames carried by Aboriginal (or part Aboriginal) individuals in the 1901 and 1911 census for the eastern provinces of Canada. Note: There are regular updates including external links (e.g. maps, encyclopedia) and added information (e.g. specific tribal affiliations). The companion series – Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames of Eastern Canada – Marriage Records contains many of the same surnames as well as others.


1. To reach the original census records for the district named below, you can click on the External Links at the bottom of the post.

2. You can also click on many of the individual surnames to reach that listing in one of the census records (usually 1901 or 1911).

3. Surnames highlighted in orange also appear in the Marriage Records (although often spelled differently). 



Census Data:

Enumeration district: The Territories, Saskatchewan, Carleton (1901)

[Cree, Mixed, Sioux(1)]




Ah pu chee paysis  –  Ahenaken

Ahenakew   –  Ahoosis –  Ahtahkokoop

Apatson  –  Arcan – Askachas  –  Ayatahase

Ayatiways  –  Ayatuskav


Badger  Bear

Belanger  –  Bird  –  Black

Blackhead  –  Boyd


Campbell  –  Capps

Cardinal  –  Chak kay pay  –  Charles

Chatelaine  –  Chicken  –  Chu paa maers

Crane  –  Cree



Duguette  –  Duncan



Ermineskin  –  Favel

Grey eyes  –  Greyeyes


Iman  –  Imma?echahawaya

Inahsiskapew  –  Innasty  –  Insh kusis okumon


Jimmiah  –  Johnstone  –  Jumper


Kah Kees ? kan kan man pen

Kah na oo antum  –  Kahasoo   –  Kahmu?ostatin

Kamu to na ta wa pew  –  Kinimotayoo

Knife  –  Kopwayawekum  –  Kumee kam


Lafond  –  Laford

Lamsdry  –  Lechasse  –  Ledoux

Legrace  –  Longneck  –  Longsneck



Mahchu  –  Mahsaskapem

Mandal  –  Manitokan

Mas quat amayo  –  Mashaylayton  –  Masson

Matheson  –  McDougall  –  Mercival

Mes kew a koot  –  Mirasty  –  Miskee Katch

Morris  –  Muchahoo  – Mushahn(?)



Nah paysis  –  Nahton a kapps eap?

Nay nee kik win hu  –  Nay one kah sum  –  Ouch


P?mine –  Pakpus??in

Patachakpew  –  Paykeekoot –  Paymayways?



Quay chu chum  –  Ross


Sanderson  –  Sarahamoos

Saskapeneyanik  –  See ah pahsun  –  Sioux

Snake –  Starblanket – Swelt




Wallie  –  Wamaychoot

Wapasoos  –  Wapasoose  –  Wareppenasanap

Watson –  Waychan  –  Waymugamaways

Wayoneequnawayo  –  Wayshorn  –  Welington

Wolf  –  Wosket?ey




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External Links

Enumeration district: The Territories, Saskatchewan, Carleton (1901)



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