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Index: Saskatchewan Census Extracts [Native – First Peoples – Metis]

Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts

Index Saskatchewan First Nations Census Extracts - Cree, Saulteaux, Chipewyan, Dene, Metis, Assiniboine

These are the links I’ve collected so far for census records that registered First Nations, Metis or mixed-heritage people who lived in what is now the Canadian province of Saskatchewan between 1852 and 1921.

The records were created by settlers so they followed settler naming practices and applied new location names.

I wish to acknowledge (as a settler) that these were traditional territories

that were already inhabited and named by indigenous peoples.


TERR SK  |  Batoche

TERR SK   |   Battleford  Agency

TERR SK   |  Battleford South

TERR SK  |  Battleford North

TERR SK  |  Bellevue

TERR SK  |  Birch Hills

TERR  SK | Birch River

TERR  SK | Brancepeth

TERR SK |   Bresaylor

TERR SK | Butler

TERR SK  | Carleton Agency

TERR SK | Cedar Lake

TERR SK | Colleston

TERR SK  |  Cumberland

TERR SK | Devil Lake

TERR SK  | Duck Lake

TERR SK  |  Estevan

TERR SK  | Fish Creek

TERR SK  |  Fort Qu’Appelle

TERR SL  |  Flett Springs

TERR SK | Grand Rapids

TERR SK  |Green Lake

TERR SK |  Halcro

TERR SK  |  Island Lake

TERR SK   | Kirkpatrick

TERR SK  | La Corne

TERR SK | Lake La Ronge

TERR SK | Meadow Lake

TERR SK | Meota

TERR SK |  Mistawasis

TERR SK  |  Moose Jaw

TERR SK | Moose Lake

TERR SK  | Mossy Portage

TERR SK  Muskeg Lake

TERR SK  | Nut Lake

TERR SK |  Pas Agency

TERR SK | Pine Bluff

TERR SK  | Prince Albert East

TERR SK  | Prince Albert North

TERR SK  Prince Albert West

TERR SK  Red Deer Hill

TERR SK | Saskatoon East

TERR SK | Shellbrook

TERR SK  | St. Catherine

TERR SK | St Leonard

TERR SK  | St Louis

TERR SK | St Michael

TERR SK | Steep Creek

TERR SK  | Stony Lake

TERR SK  | Sturgeon River

TERR SK |  Willoughby


Assiniboia  |  Whitebear

Battleford | Big Island Lake, Little Island Lake

Battleford | Buffalo River Indian Reserve

Battleford | Canoe River – Ile a la Crosse

Battleford  | Indian Reserves (50)

Battleford | Indian Reserves (52)

Battleford | English River, La Plonge

Battleford | Fond du Lac

Battleford  | Green Lake

Battleford | Portage La Loche Indian Reserve

Humboldt  |  Indian Reserve

Mackenzie  |  Pelly Indian Reserve

Prince Albert  |  Cumberland House 41

Prince Albert  |  Duck Lake I.R.

Prince Albert | Pelican Narrows

Prince Albert  |  Petaquakeys I.R.

Prince Albert  |  Townships 44

Qu’Appelle | Qu’Appelle Indian Agency


Qu’Appelle Assiniboine Indian Reserve

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Core Index: First Peoples Genealogy and History

External Links

First Nations in Saskatchewan (list) | Govt.

Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples (2016) | Govt.

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