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Exhibition Lacrosse Game Before Prince Arthur | (1869)


Canadian Illustrated News – Oct. 30, 1869

The following (Saturday) morning the Prince [Arthur], accompanied by Col. Elphinstone, Lieut. Picard and Mr.A. W. Ogilvie, M.P.P. visited the Lacrosse grounds at Sherbrooke Street to formally open the Tournament. At ten o’clock, preceded by the No. 1 Troop of Montreal Cavalry, under command of Capt. Muir, His Royal Highness drove on to the ground, and between two ranks of Lacrosse players went to the platform, where he was received by the Committee, and presented with an address, accompanied by a very handsome gold-mounted Lacrosse, and an elegantly bound copy of Mr. B…. work on the Game. Prince Arthur briefly thanked the Committee, and then proceeded to open the Tournament by tossing the ball of his crosse into the field. He watched the games with great interest for some time. A feature in the amusement of the day was the ‘war dance” of the Indians in full costume.


Image of  (Kahnawake?) Lacrosse Team, scroll to pg. 7




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