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Index: The Blackfoot Confederacy In Canadian Census Records

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These are links to my extracts – so far – of census records for the Blackfoot First Nations people who reside in what is now Canada. I have found them recorded in historical Canadian census records as the Blackfoot, Peigan (aka Piikani) and the Blood (Kanai Nation or Kainawa) and Siksika. Each link below leads to a post with a list of the surnames carried by the Blackfoot in a single given subdistrict at one point in time. Where technically possible, I’ve linked to each surname individually. Where I couldn’t do that I’ve made a link to the subdistrict. In all cases I’ve linked only to records that you can access free of charge.

Please note that the records were created by settlers so they followed settler naming practices and applied new location names.


I wish to acknowledge (as a settler) that these were traditional territories

that were already inhabited and named by indigenous peoples.




AB  |  Blackfoot Agency

AB  |  Blood Reserve

AB  |  Lethbridge South 2

AB  |  Macleod

AB  |  Sarcee Agency




See here  for Alberta 1906 census returns.



AB  |  Blackfoot I. R., Medicine Hat

AB  |  Blood I. R.

AB  |  Peigan

AB  |  Sarcee I.R.



AB  |  Bow River

AB  |  Edmonton East

AB  |  Paigan Reserve


SK | Prince Albert, Provincial Jail [223-57]  newly indexed




Bastien, Sebastien


Couteau, Jack Knife



Hunt, Hunter    Feb 2023

Johnston / Johnstone


McDonald & Var.

Stevens, Stephens


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Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts

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