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Joseph Duguay and Elizabeth Leblanc | Pabos, Gaspe, Quebec

Pabos Gaspesie


Query from Melissa Doyle

I am looking for some information about my family. More specifically of their First Nations heredity.
The information given as to my knowledge is:
Joseph Hubert Duguay born in June 24, 1912 in Miscou, New Brunswick. He married Elizabeth in Pabos, Quebec (not sure of the date or maiden name). Elizabeth was born in Gaspe Bay, Quebec ( not sure of the date in1890). I am confused if the date of 1912 is really the year they were married and not his birthdate like I was told because she would have been 22 years older then him. Doesn’t sound right.

My questions are would you know the dates of both the birth of Elizabeth and her maiden name and the date of her marriage to Joseph?
As well, would you know what their First Nations heredity was?
I am also wondering if their daughter Loretta Marie Duguay was taken off the band list after marrying Austin James Laviolette in 1934 because he was a not First Nations?
Thank you for your help if you can.


Preliminary notes (Incomplete)


Information 1

Joseph Duguay (son of William Duguay and Henriette Syvrais (Sivert?) married Elizabeth Leblanc (daughter of Ozias or Osias Leblanc and Angele Blais at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Parish in Pabos, Gaspe, Quebec on June 24th, 1912.

He seems to be a descendant of the lineage discussed in my post William Duguay & Henriette Sivret | Evelyn in Montreal.


Information 2

Elizabeth Leblanc was born on July 6th, 1890 and baptized on July 11th, 1890 in Ste-Adelaide Parish in Pabos, Gaspe, Quebec. As stated above her parents were Osias Leblanc and Angele Blais.


Information 3

I do not consider questions of band membership because that is a matter for specific First Nations to decide.

In terms of First Nations heritage, I look first to the census.


I do see the French Leblancs in the 1901 census for Pabos.


6 32 50 Leblanc Osiace M Head M Jun 15 1855 46
6 33 50 Leblanc Ann F Wife M Aug 1 1854 47
6 34 50 Leblanc Simon M Son S Sep 5 1889 12
6 35 50 Leblanc Mary F Daughter S May 18 1884 17
6 36 50 Leblanc Elizabeth F Daughter S Jul 10 1892 9
6 37 50 Leblanc Victoire F Daughter S Oct 9 1895 6


I see no evidence that the Duguays as a family are of First Nations heritage, however it is true that the founding Shippegan Duguay –  Francois Duguay – was married to Madeleine Chapados / Chapaudeau who did have First Nations heritage. There is some information in the posts below and a lot online if you do a search.


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April 16, 2019 - Posted by | .


  1. Hi .My name is Gerrard Desjardins My family were early pioneers .Being Claude Desjardins /Jourdains/Charbonniers Wife Marguerite Cardillons Also Maternaly Jean and Ettienne Gelinas/Bellemere I don’t see them here


    Comment by Gerrard Desjardins | April 20, 2019 | Reply

    • Hello,
      You are 100% correct about them being bona fide early pioneers. AT the moment I list pioneers as they connect to posts on this site and I list the information that I’m getting from Fishier Origine or my own research. If I haven’t research the couple I don’t list yet.
      I have about fifty more posts to finish at which point I’ll return to each pioneer surname and add those that are missing 🙂
      Have a good day,


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | April 21, 2019 | Reply

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