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Gala Fete Staged in Molson Stadium (1936) | Deer, Iohadio, Sky



St. Jean Baptiste Day Celebrated by French Language Society

St. Jean Baptiste Day was celebrated by La Society du Bon Parler Francais at the Molson Stadium last night with an elaborate “gala national” consisting of ballet, music, native poetry and an Indian fete. The long programme was given under the direction of Madame Roy-Villandre who was assisted by Jules Masse, president of the society.


The Indian fete followed the lines which Madame Roy-vilandre has generally established in her work. Chiefs, braves and their womenfolk resplendent in native costume were seen in a variety of songs and dances and other exhibitions of folk art. Soloists included Iohadio, Pierre Meunier, Paul Giguere, Louis Deer of Caughnawaga, Jocelyn Sky and Marc Audet. …


Read complete article at  The Montreal Gazette, June 25th, 1936



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