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T.B. No Longer Scourge of Indians, Survey at Caughnawaga Shows (1938)


The Montreal Gazette, December 31st, 1938


Indians have built up a “marvellous resistance” to tuberculosis since it was first brought to this continent by Europeans four centuries ago. Dr. Bail Robertson said yesterday, disclosing partial results of a government attempt to stamp out the disease at the Caughnawaga reservation.

“On the whole there appears to be no more – or even less – tuberculosis among the Indians of Caughnawaga than among the white people in a comparable community”. said the physician, commissioned by the federal Government to concduct a survey among the 2,too inhabitants of the reservation.

With none of the resistance which comes form generations of tact with the disease, Indians died “like flies” when the white man, bringing “TB carriers”, set foot on North American soil, said Dr. Robertson. But Indians of this district at least now apparently have a resistance which puts them on a par with white people.

Continue reading at  Tuberculosis | Caughnawaga (Kahnawake) 1938


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