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Reader Query: Martineau / Clement / Boucher / Martineau | Metis Descent?

Hi I was wondering if you would have anything Métisse or even native for my great grandma Cecile Martineau married to Moise Clement. Her Mother was Albina Boucher and father was Israel Martineau and even higher up was Philomène Payet Dit St Amour and Father was Louis Boucher.

My grandpa Leo son of Cecile says that his grandma Albina was from the band Kitchi Sipi and we are Algonquin and from the Mattawa/Ottawa River and Environs living near Maniwaki Québec. And Albina always spoke either Cree or Ojibwa and my grandpa Leo could not understand his own grandmother.

Melanie Arsenault



This is a fascinating story because although many people have oral family histories claiming indigenous descent, you seem to have quite a few details.

Unfortunately, when I look at the marriage records below – and then scan through various online family databases (not original documents) it seems to be showing French Canadian descent. The census records also concur.

My only suggestion would be that you look at the collateral lines. Also, if you post queries in various message boards make sure you list couples’ names together, and the their children. This will help search engines pick up your comment and hopefully someone else will be interested in this 🙂


Israel Martineau (son of Nicolas Martineau and Melina Payette) married Albina Boucher (daughter of Louis Boucher and Philomene St. Amour) on July 13th, 1896 N-D-de-la-Salette in Papineau, Quebec.

Albina’s parents Louis Boucher (son of Felix Boucher and Marie Cyr) and Philomene Payette / St. Amour (daughter of Alexis Payette and Rosalie Lefebvre) were married on February 16th, 1874 in St-Gregoire-de-Nazianze Parish (Buckingham, Papineau).

Although online databases are showing the ascent of Albina’s paternal grandparents  Felix Boucher and Marie Cyr I’m not seeing the marriage record myself so you could follow up on that.

Albina’s maternal grandparents Alexis Payette (son of Jean Payet Peguet and Claire Janot Jeannot) and Rosalie Lefebvre (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre and Rosalie Bourgouin Bourbouin) were married on August 1st, 1843  in St. Esprit in Montcalm, Quebec.



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  1. I noticed in your list of Pioneers, there is no mention of the Marceau family. I was hopeful that you had more information of the Marceau’s, François Marceau and his father André Marceau from the middle 1650’s in Isle D’Orleans.
    I’m also curious about a First Nations connection to the line in Quebec.


    Comment by Gerald Marceau | August 8, 2019 | Reply

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