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Index: Metis And Mixed Heritage People In Census Records

This is where I’m collecting links to my census posts that contain individuals who are referred to as mixed, metis or with other terms that are now considered derogatory. For those who are unaware , in Canada the term metis is used in different ways in different settings and time periods. Presently, the term Metis with a capital M refers to one of three founding peoples of Canada (the First Nations, the Inuit and the Metis Nation). Most (but not all) of those officially recognized as Metis are in the Canadian West, however they are not always described that way in earlier census documents. For that reason, I have often used the more neutral term Mixed.



Notes for beginners

  • The original census records often contain  much more detailed information.  For example, older records in certain parts of Canada will indicate that a person is half First Nations and half Scottish, English or French. In some cases they’ll even indicate when there is a 1/4 mixture.
  • In some returns I’ve occasionally noticed that the children of a mixed heritage couple are listed with the father’s ethnicity. This might be because the children are from a former marriage but it does  bear investigation if you can’t find your ancestors.
  • Remember that in subsequent census returns in most of Canada, the grandchildren of mixed heritage couples are usually absorbed into one community or the other for “labelling” purposes.
  • If you know where your ancestors were from or the Nation they were affiliated with, you may find it easier to consult the  Main Index: Native – First Peoples – Metis  which lists all of the indexes by region and by nation. If you’re looking by region please remember that for Western Canada you’ll need to check provincial records but also the Territories, the North West Territories and the Yukon.
  • If you’re completely new to this type of genealogy, I’d like to mention that many of the names exist in both French and English version (e.g. King = Roy). Also the same individual can be listed by their First Nations name in one census, and some Westernized equivalent in another.


Alberta  1901


Athabaska Landing


Blood Reserve

Calgary West

Clover Bar



Edmonton Agency


Edmonton East

Edmonton West

Egg Lake

Fort Saskatchewan

Lac Sainte-Anne



Macleod  V2-1    newly indexed

Macleod V(2)-2   newly indexed


Mountain Mill

New Norway


Pincher Creek

Priddis  (Note: only 1 mixed family)

Rabbit Hills

Red Deer

Saddle Lake

Saddle Lake, Whitefish Lake

Spruce Grove

St. Albert

Ste Emerence

St. Pierre

Stand Off

Tail Creek

Two Lakes


Whitefish Lake

White Whale Lake



Alberta 1911

Cold Lake (Frog Lake, Long Lake)

Edmonton 46

Edmonton I.R.


Alberta 1921


Edmonton West




Clandeboye Agency, Selkirk   (1911)

Selkirk, Fisher River    (1911)

Westbourne   (1901)




Albany | Agumiska Island, Fort Hope, Osnaburg


Attawapiskat  (Winisk, Albany Fort, Keewatin)

Cat Lake  NWT

Charlton Island   NWT

Churchill  NWT

Cross Lake Post

Fort Hope, Keewatin

Fort McPherson, Yukon

Fort Resolution

Grand Rapids

Island Lake

Labrador Rigolet

Lac du Brochet

Labrador Rigolet

Lac du Brochet

Lac Seul

Lake Labarge,  Yukon

Nelson House

North West Post

Norway House

Oxford House

Split Lake

Trout Lake Post (Keewatin)

York Factory

York Factory – Port Nelson, Fort Churchill, Hudson Bay Railway





English River

Moose Fort


Severn Post

Tuscarora 28




Lac Vert (1911)

Lathbury  (1911)

Mann & Restigouche (1901)

Michomis  QC   (1911)

Moisie  QC   (1911)

Rigolet, Hamilton Inlet  (1921)

Rupert House (1921)


Saskatchewan 1901



Prince Albert East

Battleford North   newly indexed

Battleford South

Birch River




Carleton Agency

Cedar Lake



Devil Lake

Duck Lake

Egg Lake

Flett Springs  newly indexed

Fish Creek

Grand Rapids


Island Lake


La Corne

Lake La Ronge

Meadow Lake



Montreal Lake

Moose Lake

Mossy Portage

Muskeg Lake

Nut Lake

Pine Bluff

Prince Albert North

Prince Albert West

Red Deer Hill

Saskatoon East


St. Catherine

St Leonard

St Louis

St Michael

Steep Creek

Stony Lake

Sturgeon River



Saskatchewan 1911


Canoe River, Ile a la Crosse

English River, Clear Lake, Canoe Lake, La Plonge

Fond du Lac

Green Lake I.R.


Pelican Narrows


Territories – Assiniboia East and West – 1901


Big Stick Lake


Crooked Lake Agency




East End


Feldman Lake


File Hills



Maple Creek

Muskowpehung & File Hills

Spy Hill

Thynne Flat

Touchwood  (1901) 

West Eagle Quill Lake

West Sask Landing

Wood Mountain


Territories – Unorganized

Keewatin  C5   TERR UNORG.  (1901)

Keewatin  C7  TERR UNORG.   (1901)

Mackenzie  (1901)  

Ungava 1  TERR UNORG.   (1901)

Ungava  TERR UNORG.  (1921)


Touchwood  (1901) 




List of Metis Surnames of Ontario

Main Index: Native – First Peoples – Metis [Canadian Census Extracts]

Core Index: First Peoples Genealogy and History




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