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These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. If you don’t have access to the book you can contact me for extra information by leaving a comment underneath this post.


The first Doucet in Caraquet was Etienne Doucet. He was said to have been born in Quebec. In about 1803 married a daughter of Pierre Landry and Marguerite Allain –  Marie Landry  – and settled down in St. Anne du Bocage. Fidele Theriault says that he  was probably related to the Bathurst Doucets. A personal note – these are my maternal ancestors.

Etienne and Marie’s children were:

  • Marie (died in infancy)
  • Etienne / Stephen (m. 1833, Martha Witzell, daughter of William Witzell and Marie-Mathilde Topham of Shippegan). Etienne Doucet was a constable (police officer) and he was well educated and had a beautiful signature. After Etienne’s death, Marthe Witzell married Hubert Mallet. The couple lived in Point-Brulee, Shippagan. Etienne and Marthe’s children were:
    • Etienne dit Stephen (m. 1858, Veronique Chiasson, daughter of David Chiasson and Suzanne Duguay of Shippegan) and then (m.1871, Helene Gouret, daughter of Joseph Gouret and Phoebee Gionet)
    • Frederic (m. 1861, Monique Lanteigne, daughter of Jacques Lanteigne and Marie Hebert)
    • Marie Dina (m. 1859, Lin Landry, son of Michel Landry and Marguerite Allard)
    • Mathilde (m.1861, Alexandre Duguay, son of Aime Duguay and Marthe Mallet of Shippagan)
    • Agnes / Annie (m.1866, Romuald Gionet, son of Charles Gionet) and then (m. 1893, Agapit McGrath, son of Jean McGrath and Rosalie Robichaud of Tracadie).
    • Guillaume / William (m. 1869, Marie Delarousbie, former wife of Seraphin Doiron)
    • Marie (m.1871, Thomas Leclerc dit Labouelle)
    • Marthe (m.1871, Ferdinand Lanteigne, son of Jacques Lanteigne and Marie Hebert)
  • Marie Venerande (born 1808)
  • Marie-Claire (m. about 1849, Joachim Theriault, whose first wife was Claire Gauvin)
  • Joseph Urbain (m. 1835, Marie Cormier, daughter of Ambroise Cormier and Olive Theriault, 1835). In 1842 Urbain bought a goelette (type of boat) called “Providence” which had been built by his father-in-law.
    • Marie-Olive (born 1835)
    • Venerande (born 1837)
    • Auguste (m. 1861, Philomene Theriault, daughter of Joseph Theriault and Nathalie Landry) and then (m. 1863, Philomene Landry, daughter of Francois-D’Assise Landry and Celeste Godin) and then (m.1870,  Pelagie Cormier, daughter of Bernard Cormier and Olive Landry), and then (m. 1894, Henriette Boudreau, widow of Clement Mallet)
    • Pierre Levi (born 1842)
    • Pierre Xavier (m.1870, Marie Olive Landry, daughter of Barthelemi Landry and Marie-Claire Theriault)
    • Lucille (m. 1868, Jean-Baptiste Babin)
    • Philippe / Jaddus (m. about 1884, Eugenie Simard)
    • Marie dite Obeline (born 1851)
  • Raymond Auguste (born 1814)
  • Pierre Levi (born 1816)
  • Bernard (m. about 1848,  Celina Allain, daughter of Louis Allain and Marguerite Cooke of Neguac)
    • Prime (m. 1872, Marie Chiasson, daughter of Honore Chiasson and Ursule Legere)
    • Marie Marguerite (m.1874, Aime Blanchard, son of Raphael Blanchard and Veronique Comeau)
    • Joseph Basilide (m. 1891, Marie-Agnes Berthelot, daughter of Joseph Charles Berthelot and Agnes Hall of St. Jean-l’Evangeliste, QC. Agnes was a teacher)
    • Marie Olesine (m. 1883, Charles Godin, formerly married to Caroline Poirier)
    • Marie Hermenile (died in Boston)
    • Marie Basilice (m. 1889, Guillaume Poirier, son of Onesime Poirier and Marguerite Chiasson of Prince Edward Island)
    • Elisabeth (religious, RHJS of Tracadie)
    • Marie Hermine / Honorine (born 1858,  Boston, Ernest Brown)
    • Mathilde dite Berthilde (m.1891, Alfred Cormier, son of Guillaume Cormier and Archange Cormier)


Note: Les Familles de Caraquet has the following Doucet family pictures:  [Frederic Doucet, son of Etienne Doucet, and his wife Monique Lanteigne, pg. 133],   [The family of Joseph Doucet, son of Charles Doucet – Joseph Douchet, Charles Doucet, Frank Doucet, Rose Doucet, Sophie Doucet and Jane Legere, Marguerite Degrace, Catherine Comeau, pg. 139]

Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR):  [Doucet, Arcade,1928, formerly employed at the Provincial Bank, has left for Baie-Sainte-Marie.]   [Doucet, Stephen,1956, Deceased on June 25th, Stephen Doucet (son of  Seraphin Doucet) at the age of 48 years and 3 months. Husband of Alice Paulin. Two sons: Edmond 7, Régina 5. Brothers: Patrice, Alexandre Léo-Paul. Sisterss: Adrienne (Mrs. Emery Landry); Virginie (Mrs. Henri Chiasson); Jénophe (Mrs. J. Comeau); Bertha (Mrs. Jean-Paul Ferron); Rosalda (Mrs. Gilbert McIncling); Lorraine (Mrs. Valaire Duguay). [Doucet, Lazarine,1949, Henri Theriault of Senneterre (Abitibi, QC) and his  wife Lazarene Doucet, a native of Caraquet, pioneers of Senneterre, celebrated their 60th marriage anniversary. Among the guests were, Henri’s three brothers Alfred, Joseph and Arthur Theriault. Also nieces Mrs. Joseph Danis of Fort William, Ontario, Mrs. Willie Thibault (born Celanie Arsenault) of Pine Point, Maine, Marie Nardini (daughter of Mrs. Eugene Nardini (born Monique Doucet), sister of Lazarene.]



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