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Due to family responsibilities I am away from the blog for awhile.


November 19, 2019 - Posted by | .


  1. Hi, I am looking for information on the Indian names of the women that my ancestors married. I would like to knoe the name of the tribe & which reservation they were from as I would like to visit the area next summer.
    Gabriel Lemieux | Marguerite Leboeuf
    September 3rd, 1658 Quebec (Notre-Dame)
    [Occ. settler]
    Pierre Lemieux | Marie Benard
    September 10th, 1647 Quebec (Notre-Dame)
    [Occ. Cooper]
    Thank you in dvance for your assistance.
    Ms. C. Lemieux King


    Comment by Ms. c. King | December 18, 2019 | Reply

  2. Hope all is well.


    Comment by Jennifer Burl | January 7, 2020 | Reply

  3. Hello Mrs Thériault (i’m writing in English because all the informations I found from you is in English. Please forgive me if you preferred french, just told me and we’ll go this way) I was such a surprise fews minutes ago when I red an article you wrote about my great-grand-parents Alderic Pinsonneault and Alice Demarbre. You seems to be the only one who’s able to talk to me about them because my grand-father (Raymond Pinsonneault died in 2002) You can reach me easily by facebook (I have a Professional picture of my shoulder and face. I wear a blue-yellow-grey top)

    Thank you very much! Caroline Pauzé


    Comment by Caroline Pauzé | January 8, 2020 | Reply

  4. Could someone tell me how to start a new topic? I’m interested in finding out more about the Jacobs family (Paul the father, and sons Osler, Buddie, and Lloyd). Any info appreciated. Thanks.


    Comment by stixfigures | April 14, 2020 | Reply

    • Hello,
      This is a blog, not a forum. If you have any questions you can leave a comment with whatever information you wish to provide and it will appear here as a comment. Occasionally, I turn these into full posts if I’ve been able to provide information 🙂


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | April 14, 2020 | Reply

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