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These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. For additional information including precise dates and following generations, please leave your questions in a comment box below.



John/Jack Ross (son of William Ross and Charlotte Brown) and Marie-Rose Frigault (daughter of Francois Frigault and Eulalie Mailloux) were married on September 17th, 1829.

John Ross descended from the Scottish soldier William Ross. William Ross was a sergeant in the 60th regiment who settled his family in Quebec before being killed in the War of 1812. John Ross was sent to live with the family of Guillaume Chenard as a ten year old orphan. He was baptized into the Catholic faith in 1824 and became a fisherman. He was granted land to farm in Bas-Caraquet (see

Map of Earliest Settler Families of Caraquet)


John Ross and his wife Marie-Rose Frigault went on to have nine children.

  • Jean (died, infancy)
  • Jules (born 1832)
  • Sophie (born 1834)
  • Daniel (m. 1861, Sophie Cyr, daughter of Jean Cyr and Charlotte Cool of Paspebiac)
  • Jean/John (m. about 1864, Romaine Chiasson, daughter of Zephirin Chiasson and Clotilde Doiron) and then (m. 1900, Marie Gionet, daughter of Romuald Gionet, formerly married to Desiree Doiron).
  • Jacques/James (m. 1893, Marie Blanchard, adopted daughter of Onesime Blanchard and Angele Chiasson)
  • Marie (born about 1847, remained single)
  • Joseph (m. 1879, Marie Chiasson, daughter of Daniel and Christine Chiasson of Petite Riviere)
  • Philorome (m. 1879, Marie Chiasson, daughter of Honore Chiasson, formerly married to Prime Doucet).



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