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Index:  Indigenous, Metis & Mixed-Heritage Surname Anchor Posts

Each of these posts is dedicated to one surname that is carried by someone connected to indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage people in Canada.


  • Regions:  
    • Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Western Canada
  • Ethnicity:  
    • Metis, Cree
  • Associated surnames:  
    • Bertrand (Upd. 2023), Bonneau, Bouchard (Upd. 2023), Bouer (Upd. 2023), Boyer, Bruyere
    • Cardinal, Cousineau, , Couture (Upd. 2023), Cunningham (Upd. 2023)
    • Dauphinais (Upd. 2023), David (Upd. 2023), Delorme, Desmarais, Dupuis (Upd. 2023), Dusome
    • Fagnant, Fidler / Fedleur
    • Laboucane, Lacroix, Ladouceur (Upd. 2023), Lafontaine, Lafournaise / Laboucane (Upd. 2023), Laplante, Larance (Upd. 2023),  Larocque, Lavallee, Lawn, Ledoux, Lemire (Upd. 2023), Leveille
    • Martin, McGillis, McGregor (Upd. 2023), Melancon, Minor (Upd. 2023)
    • Page, Parenteau, Paul, Pelletier (Upd. 2023), Pigeau / Pigeon, Pilon (Upd. 2023)
    • Rainville, Romain, Ross
    • Sansregret, Slater, St. Mathe, Swan
    • Taylor, Tourond
    • Vandale, Wyman (Upd. 2023).
  • Misc.: – 
    • 1.  More than a dozen Metis Gervais (or their spouses) were involved in the 1885 North-West Resistance (formerly known as The North-West Rebellion). Those recognized by the Louis Riel Institute are: Alexis Gervais Sr. (m. Madeleine Fagnant), Alexis Gervais (m. Marie Laplante), Athalie Rose Gervais (m. Moise Laplante), Bazile Gervais (m. Francoise Ledoux), Catherine Gervais (m. Pierre Tourond), Charlotte Gervais (m. Norbert Manikachee Delorme), Elise Gervais (Toussaint Laplante), Elzear Gervais, Jean Baptiste Gervais (m. Clemence Boyer), Louise Gervais (m. Calixte Lafontaine), Marie Gervais (m. Jean Baptiste Sansregret dit Pontbriand), Marie Gervais (m. Patrice Tourond), Napoleon Gervais (m. Emilie Parenteau), Noel Gervais (m. Clemence Dauphinais), Patrice Gervais (m. Francoise Lafournaise), St. Pierre Gervais (m. Julienne Letendre), Veronique Gervais (m. Jean Baptiste Fidler).
    • 2. The 1885 North-West Resistance included Metis and other indigenous peoples (Cree, Kainai, Piikani, Saulteaux and Siksika) and was in response to broken treaties, starvation and encroachment on their lands by new settlers in what are now Saskatchewan and Alberta. The resistance fighters were defeated and Canada’s federal government asserted its control over the area.  [Source: Veterans and Families of the 1885  Northwest Resistance, Lawrence Barkwell, Louis Riel Institute]. See External Links  below for more information. 




Terr.  |  Mountain Mill   (1901)

Victoria  | Townships 52  (1911)

Victoria |  Townships 66 (1911)

Victoria | Saddle Lake I. R.  (1911)   2023


Selkirk  |  Gervais in Macdonald   (1901)


Townships   |  44  (1911)  

Prince Albert  |  Gervais in Townships 44  (1911)

The Territories  |  Batoche  (1901)  

The Territories  |  Egg Lake   (1901)

The Territories  |  Fish Creek  (1901)  



BENA    [CDN Marriage Extracts]   2023

COON   [CDN Marriage Extracts]   2023

DELM    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

F  ….     [CDN Marriage Extracts]     [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

G …   [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON-SK-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

L  …     [CDN Marriage Extracts]     [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

LAHO    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

LESO    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [SK-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

MARB   [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

MCCU   [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

P  …    [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

R  …    [CDN Marriage Extracts]   [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

ROBE   [CDN Marriage Extracts]

S …   [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [SK-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

SIMO    [CDN Marriage Extracts]

ST …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]   2023

THOR   [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

WHEE – Z  [CDN Marriage Extracts]   2023



They Passed Through Kahnawake: J. Gervais and C. Lemire

French Canadian Pioneers: The Gervais of Quebec



HBC Fort Pelly (63/64), Servants/Free Traders [Gabriel Dumont Institute]

North-West Resistance [The Canadian Encyclopedia]

Veterans and Families of the 1885  Northwest Resistance [Louis Riel Institute]



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