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Cowichan Agency XX-2 | First Nations, Mixed (1901)

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This is part of a larger project to locate surnames carried by Natives, First Peoples and Metis in Eastern Canada. In this series of posts, I list surnames carried by Aboriginal (or part Aboriginal) individuals in the 1901 and 1911 census for the eastern provinces of Canada. Note: There are regular updates including external links (e.g. maps, encyclopedia) and added information (e.g. specific tribal affiliations). The companion series – Native/First Peoples/Metis [Marriage Records] contains many of the same surnames as well as others.


1. To reach the original census records for the district named below, you can click on the External Links at the bottom of the post.

2. You can also click on many of the individual surnames to reach that listing in one of the census records (usually 1901 or 1911).

3. Surnames highlighted in orange also appear in the Marriage Records (although often spelled differently). 


Census Data

Enumeration District: Cowichan Agency XX-2, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (1901)

[First Nations, Mixed]





Aleck – Amakes – Amy




Blue Skin – Bob – Brown



Cee who latza

Che lauch tun – Chece one – Chil ar min set

Clar Kak sier



Dick – Donekele




Elliott  –  Eth li e er



French  –  Frenchy



George  –  Good


Ha e latza

Ha who Kim  –  Habustun  –  Hae ecks

Hammer  –  Harry  –  Hatilth  –  Hatton

Hermalock  –  Hijo  –  Hom tie–  Hoyless

Hul ka latza  –  Hul ka num

Hus au ah lock



Jackson  –  James  –  Jameson

Jeffery  –  Jock  –  Joe  –  John  Johnny

Johnstone  –  Jones  –  Joseph


Ka seen set

Ka su latza  –  Kaa won  –  Kee won

Klun amutt  –  Ko seets  –  Kosuts

Kru won  –  Kul see muts tun


Lach yea

Le Lamb  – Lewis  –  Lohar

Loo aht


Mah wau geese

Mahoy – Martin  McDonald

Mitchel  –  Mitchell  –  Moise  –  Mollock



Ne Mo quis

Newall  –  Nim Nim  –  Ninnisn


One see ah  –  Ou see lea



Pee nit itsun  –  Peter  Peters

Pielle  –  Pierre  –  Pul qua lim  –  Pulkanum

Pulqua lum


Qua ah wert

Qua ah wort  –  Qua ah wutt

Qua que set  –  Quac sister  –  Qualicum

Quit quar tun  –  Qul a mult  –  Qul la mutt

Qul qua lum  –  Qul see ma wutt

Qul see mutt  –  Qul ses stun

Qul she met


Raul  –  Reid



Salish  –  Sawgard  –  Saywood

Seam te naught  – Seaweed  –  See am a one

See am te naught  –  See am tun –  See amtun

See paugh te naught  –  Seem  –  Sellier

Selsee mit sun  –  Selsu mit sun   –  Senough

Sewall  – Sewell (alt.)   –  Sewell

Seymour  – Sha see air  –  Shause

Shert Kup

Shil ar met  –  Sia  –  Sick a waul

Sil see mit stun

Sin air no  –   Sk walilton  –  Smau qua set

Smith  – Sno clase  –  Sno lace  –  Sno lase

Solomn  – Sonyea –  Squa lim  –  Squer eh loc

Squer see lock  –   Stumset  –  Sul see mult

Sul see mutt  –  Sul ta mutt  –  Sullearth

Sulless  –  Swal qua lim  –  Swift

Swim it stun  –  Swimiktun  –  Swul latza




Thompson  –  Thorne  –  Tom

Tsa use so  –  Tsart see lock  –  Tsee see air

Tsert sum tun  –  Tsil see mits tun

Tsit sal  –  Tsit sall  –  Tsul whaim

Tsulpkane  –  Tuck a natza


Van Nevil



Wan a sea  –  Wau wau wee ah

Wau we ah  –  Wesley  –  Wheetsum

Whis a lock  –  Whit ste nock  –  White

Whod u mutt  –  Whul latza  –  Whul qua lim

Whul see latza  –  Whulseem  –  Why whe a lock

Williams  –  Wilson  –  Won i sea



Yah ich tan

Yah tu –  Yak  –  Yeakme tun

Yellough  –  Yellowmatza

You glousa




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Enumeration District: Cowichan Agency XX-2, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (1901)



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