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Toronto V. Caughnawagas (Lacrosse) (1883) Surnames: Dominique, Lefevre, Daillebout, Morris, Jocks, Zacharie, Monique, Rice, Hamrock (Hemlock?), White Eagle, Strong Arm



“The Caughnawagas had a team on the field which was pronounced by good judges to be the best Indian twelve which has ever played.  It was announced to the “European Indian team”, but there were it only six of the braves who accompanied the Canadians in their late thou in the Mother Country …”

Members of the Caughnawaga team:   White Eagle, Strong  Arm, T. Dominique, Michel Lefebre, Michel Daillebout, Michel Morris, T. B. Jocks, Lazare Zacharie, Frank Hamrock, Michel Lefebre, Dominique Monique, Joseph Rice.


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