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Simpson |  Metis, Algonquin, American Indian, BC First Nations, Cree, Iroquois, Montagnais, Ojibwa, Slavi Mixed-heritage | Surname Anchor Post

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Each of these posts is dedicated to one surname that is carried by someone connected to indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage people in Canada.  


  • Regions:
    • Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan.
  • Ethnicity:  
    • Metis, BC First Nations, Algonquin, American Indian, Cree, Iroquois, Montagnais, Slavi   Mixed-heritage: English
  • Associated surnames:
    • Antoine, Baurassa / Bourassa (?), Bigwind, Canoe, Courtney, Craddock, Crow, D’Ailleboust / Diabo, Desjarlais, Ducharme, Favel, Fidler, Harvey, Hogue, Jack, Johnson, Lesage, Mack, McDillis, Mitchell,  Muskrat, Robertson, Robillard, Ross, Roy, Sharpe, Toney, Torrnes, Vilbrun, White.
  • Misc:   
    • 1. (Excerpt)  William Simpson married a s**** who had a small store in Drummond Island. Like the rest of the fur-trading class, he, in those days, was given to wandering about the country. He lived among the Drummond Islanders in various capacities, at one time with my father. One day my mother hinted to him that he might marry the s**** with the little store and he would then have a home. “Will you speak to her for me?” said bashful young Simpson. My mother said she would and found it would be quite agreeable, and they were married. This is the way Mr. Simpson got his start in life, and he afterward became a shrewd business man and a rich merchant. They came to Penetanguishene and started a small store. His wife died soon after, and he then married a sister of Joseph Craddock, of Coldwater. His first wife is buried behind the old store, originally log, but now clapboarded and owned by Mr. Davidson. Mr. Simpson built about the same time as Dr. Mitchell, and on the opposite corner eastward. ”  [Source: Drummond Island Voyageurs, Ontario Historical Society]   
    • 2.   James Keith Simpson was involved in the 1885 Resistance. The 1885 North-West Resistance included Metis and other indigenous peoples (Cree, Kainai, Piikani, Saulteaux and Siksika) and was in response to broken treaties, starvation and encroachment on their lands by new settlers in what are now Saskatchewan and Alberta. The resistance fighters were defeated and Canada’s federal government asserted its control over the area.    [Source: Veterans and Families of the 1885  Northwest Resistance, Lawrence Barkwell, Louis Riel Institute]. 




The Territories  |  Edmonton (1901)


Aboriginal Agencies  |  Babine A-1 (1901)

Burrard | Cassiar (Stikine) (1901) 

Comox-Atlin  |  Atlin 48 (1911)

Comox-Atlin  |  Atlin 51 (1911)


Lisgar  |  Louise (1901)

Selkirk  |  Berens River Agency (1901)

Unorg Territory | Marquette S-6 (1901)


Northwest Territories  |  Churchill (1911)

Northwest Territories  |  Fort Providence  (1911) 

Northwest Territories  |  Island Lake  (1911)

Northwest Territories |  Norway House (1911)


Algoma  |  Burpee, Robinson, Barrie Island  (1881)   

Algoma  |  Mississagua River (1881)   

Algoma East | I.R. Spanish, Serpent River, Thessalon, Mississauga) (85) (1921)

Algoma East  |  Thessalon I.R. (1911)

Hastings  |  Tyendinaga (1852) 

Hastings East  |  Tyendinaga I.R. (49)  (1921)  

Northumberland West  |  Alnwick (1881)  

Peterborough East  |  Otonabee U-5 (1901)


Chateauguay  |  Sault St. Louis (1901)

Chicoutimi & Saguenay  |  Unorg. Terr. (1881)  Simson  

Chicoutimi & Saguenay  |  Pointe Blene  (1911)

Laprairie & Napierville  |  Sault St. Louis  (1911)

Laprairie-Napierville  |  Caughnawaga I.R. (1921)

Pontiac  |  Nedelec I.R.  (1911)

Pontiac  |  Opasatika (1911)

Pontiac  |  Temiskaming I.R. (1921)

Pontiac   |  Z-2   (1901)


The Territoires  |  Grand Rapids (1901)

The Territories  |  Onion Lake (1901)


Assiniboia East  |  Crooked Lake Agency  (1901)

Assiniboia East  |  Dauphinais (1901)

Unorganized Territories |  Keewatin C-4  (1901)

Unorganized Territories  |  Keewatin C-6  (1901) 



BAST  [CDN Marriage Extracts]

BENA  [CDN Marriage Extracts] 

C …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]

D …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]

DELM   [CDN Marriage Extracts]

F …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]

H …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]  

J … [CDN Marriage Extracts] 

JACQ  [CDN Marriage Extracts]

LAUG    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [USA]

M …   [CDN Marriage Extracts]

MCCU    [CDN Marriage Extracts]

SAUN  [CDN Marriage Extracts] 

SIMO   [CDN Marriage Extracts]

THOR   [CDN Marriage Extracts]  




Simpson, James Keith [Gabriel Dumont Institute]

HBC Fort Pelly (63/64), Servants/Free Traders [Gabriel Dumont Institute]



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