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Simon | Metis, Algonquin, BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Inuit, Iroquois, Malecite, Mi’kmaq, Montagnais, Ojibway, Sioux, | Surname Anchor Post

Index:  Indigenous, Metis & Mixed-Heritage Surname Anchor Posts

Each of these posts is dedicated to one surname that is carried by someone connected to indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage people in Canada.  Please be aware that it’s a synthesis of the information I’ve collected in my personal research throughout the years and is by no means complete!


  • Surname lists: Surname Anchor Posts, Metis (ON), Wabanaki Confederacy 
  • Regions:  Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, The Territories.
  • Ethnicity:  Metis, Algonquin, BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Deer, Inuit (Esquimault), Iroquois, Maliseet / Malecite, Mi’kmaq, Montagnais, Ojibway, Sioux, Mixed: Algonquin, Iroquois.
  • Associated surnames:  Ascelin / Asselin, Augustine, Beeswax, Begin, Bellefeuille, Bighetti, Benoit / Konini, Bighetti, Boutin, Burke, Canard Blanc, Carriere, Champagne, Charron, Chartrand, Chausse, Chevrier / Chevalier, Commandant, Copeau, Craig, Deguire / Larose, Ferguson, Fontaine, Fournier, Hervieux, Leblanc, Leduc, Neotinawakew, Deer, Defond / Piskane, Dumont, Garrow / Gareau, Giroux, Kijikosokwekwe / Kijikasaukwe, King, Lafontaine, Laliberte, Leblanc, Leger Parisien, Lafleur, Miner / Mineur, Monague, Mousseau, Nault / Neault, Pekamikijik, Poupart, Rousselot, Tanascon, Tenasse, Vachon, Vanasse, Watto / Kitchiokabatch, Whetung, Whiteduck.
  • Misc: 1. Some early Algonquin Simon couples include: Amable Simon & Olive Larose / Deguire, Antoine Simon & Marie Anne Leblanc and Benjamin Antoine Simon & Marie Louise Catherine Commandant. 2. Cimon is a common spelling for Simon.



The Territories | Stony Agency  (1901)

Strathcona | Hobbema Bobtail (1911)

Strathcona | Ermine, Skin, Samson and Bobtail Indian Reserves (1906)


Yale-Cariboo | Kamloops Indian Agency (1911)


Algoma  |  Fort William (1881) 

Bruce North | (Amabel) Saugeen Indian Reserve (1901)

Bruce North | Saugeen I.R.  (1911)

Lambton West | Walpole Island I.R.  (1911)

Middlesex West | Caradoc (1881) Feb 2022

Middlesex West | Chippewa I.R. | (1911)

Nipissing | Airey, Sabine and Lyell  (1901) Apr 2022

Nipissing  |  Mattawan Town 0(1)-1  (1901) 

Peterborough East | Otonobee (1881) Jan 2022

Peterborough West  |  Smith (1881)    Feb 2022

Simcoe East | Tiny N-7 (1901)


Chicoutimi & Saguenay, Unorg. Terr. (1881) Jan 2022

Chicoutimi & Saguenay | Bersimis  (1901)

Chicoutimi & Saguenay | Bersimis I.M.  (1911)

Chicoutimi & Saguenay | Bersimis Escoumins  (1921)

Deux-Montagnes | L’Annonciation  (1901)

Deux-Montagnes | Oka  (1911)

Deux-Montagnes | L’Annociation, Oka I.R. | (1921)

Chicoutimi & Saguenay | Moisie  (1901)

Chicoutimi & Saguenay | Natashquan (1901)

Huntingdon | St. Regis (1901)

Huntingdon | St Regis  (1911)

Chateauguay-Huntingdon | St. Regis I.R.  (1921)

Laprairie and Napierville | Sault St. Louis  (1911)

Labelle | Hartwell & Preston  (1911)


Restigouche & Madawaska | Edmunston I.R. (1921)

Kent, Richibucto  (1881) Jan 2022

Kent | Weldford  (1901)

Victoria-Madawaska | Tobique  (1911)

Kent | Richibucto  (1921)


Northwest | Fort Resolution  (1911)

Northwest | Rigolet  (1911)

Selkirk Pelly Crossing  (1911)

Unorganized | Ugava  (1921)


ASAI    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [QC]

BAST    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON]

BENA    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [SK]

BLAN [CDN Marriage Extracts] [QC]

CARI [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON-QC]

COON   [CDN Marriage Extracts]   [ON-QC]

D …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON-QC]

DOKIS [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

F  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [QC]

G  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts] [AB]

GIRO [CDN Marriage Extracts] [QC]

H …    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [BC]

KASA     [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [QC]

L  …  [CDN Marriage Extracts] [QC]

MOBE    [CDN Marriage Extracts  [ON]

N … [CDN Marriage Extracts] [QC]

P  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

ROBE    [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [QC]

SIMO    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [NB-ON-QC]

T …    [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [QC]

V …   [CDN Marriage Extracts]    [QC]

W  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts] [QC]

WHE– Z    [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON]


Main Index: Canadian Census Extracts by Region & by Nation

Index: Canadian Marriage Extracts in Alphabetical Order

Index: First Nations and Metis Surname Lists


French Canadian Pioneers: The Simons of Quebec

Antoine Ascelin & Elizabeth Commandant (Maniwaki)

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