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Brissette | Metis, Chippewa | Surname Anchor Post

Index:  Indigenous, Metis & Mixed-Heritage Surname Anchor Posts

Each of these posts is dedicated to one surname that is carried by someone connected to indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage people in Canada.  Please be aware that it’s a synthesis of the information I’ve collected in my personal research throughout the years and is by no means complete!


  • Regions:  
    • Ontario
  • Ethnicity:  
    • Metis, Chippewa
  • Associated surnames:  
    • Baker, Berger / Burger, Bonneville / Bonville, Boucher, Cadot / Cadeau, Cascanette, Charette, Cooper, Crawford, Dube, Dubeau, Fortier, George, Gendron, Grace, Henry, Laporielet, Larramee, Levreau, Larmant / Lormant / Sormant, Leduc, L’Hirondelle, Maille, Mayer, Mayneur / Minor, McKinnon, Moreau, Paradis, Pelletier, Plain, Pratt, Rolleau, St. Amand, Stockers / Stacher, Vaillancourt, Vanalstine, Williams.
  • Misc.: – 
    • 1. Hyppolite Brissette and Archange L’Hirondelle are recognized as an Ancestor Root Couple by the Metis Nations of Ontario. They left descendants through their offspring: Andrew Brissette (m. Judith Boucher), Cecile Brissette (m. George Dube), Edmond Brissette (m. Rosalie Gendron), Hyppolite Paul Brissette (m. Mary Berger), Josette / Josephine Brissette (m. Narcisse Mayneur) and Theophile Brissette (m. Angeline Berger).
    • 2. Scroll down to External Links for more information about the life of Hypolite Brissette. 3. Spelling variations of Brissette include Brisette, Bresette and Brecette.




Lambton | Bosanquet (1881) Blessit

Lambton East | Alvinston (Village)  (1921)

Lambton West | Sarnia I.R.  (1911)

Muskoka & Parry Sound | Baxter [1901)

Simcoe East  | Tay M-4 (1901)4 Brassette

Brisettes in Simcoe East | Tay (1921) *Metis identified as Fr.

Brisettes in Simcoe East | Victoria Harbour (1921) *Metis identified as Fr.


B …  [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

BLAN   [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

BRAS [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

C …  [CDN Marriage Extracts]

CARI [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

COON [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

DOKIS [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

GIRO [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

LAHO [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

LESO [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

MARB [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

MCCU [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

MICE [CDN Marriage Extracts]

P  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts]

PIGE [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

ROBE [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON]

SNOW [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

ST. [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

V  …  [CDN Marriage Extracts] [ON]

WHEE – Z [CDN Marriage Extracts]





Brissette, Hypolite [Hudson’s Bay Biographical Sheet]

From Voyageur to farmer, Hyppolite Brissette [Simcoe County History]

War of 1812, Hyppolite Brissette [Brock News]

List of the Drummond Island Voyageurs

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