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Retro toys for little girls – Pillsbury Baking Kits | 1956

Mommy’s little helper 1950s style

retro toy baking kit with accessories  | sexist toys

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Vintage, open-backed, metal dollhouse from the 1950s


pink and blue plastic dollhouse furniture, open back dollhouse, Canadian dollhouseAt our Feature Value price you can be full owner of this fully furnished modern Play House. Lithographed in bright colours – inside and out. Open back makes it easy to rearrange furniture. Metal “build-it-yourself” home with exposed edges widely rolled. Cut-out windows. Furnishings are moulded in detail fine enough to please the fussiest little housekeeper. About 30 pieces in all to place around the living-room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and nursery (complete with two tiny dolls). Over-all size about 19 1/4 by 6 3/4 by 14 1/2 inches high.

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Vintage dollhouses and dollhouse furniture | 1940s

Old Fashioned Wooden Doll House | 1930s

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“Here I am” – A vintage Moulded Vinyl Doll from the 1950s

I always loved those little plastic shoes but they never lasted too long!

HERE I AM (Eatons’ Catalogue)

Moulded vinyl doll with rooted saran hair, and watch set       ……………….     4.95 del’d.

Out outstanding value in Dolls for the season-one that comes with a set of two attractive toy watches – one for herlsef and one for “you know who”.

Soft vinyl body can be fixed in many positions simply by bending her legs.

Hair can be washed and set with curlers included. Go-to-sleep eyes. Coo voice.

She has a flowered, lace trimmed rayon taffeta dress, panties, vinyl shoes and socks. Swivel head. About 18 inches tall.


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Traditional Christmas Tree Ornaments from the 1956 Eatons’ Catalogue

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Baby doll (black) | 1956

vintage dolls from the 1950s - baby with bow in hair, party dress and shoes4. POPULAR TOPSY

– a delightful “coloured” doll with rooted Saran curls and hairbow. Soft moulded Vinyl construction bends into various poses. sleeping eyes in her swivel head. cooing voice. Crisp organdie dress with underskirt, panties, strap-on shoes and socks.

About 14 inches tall. Price, delivered  …. 3.95

Source: Eaton’s Catalogue

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Annie Oakley doll and costume | 1950s

One of the few strong, adventurous role models for little girls in the ’50s.


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Indoor/outdoor strings of Christmas lights | 1956

A vintage advertisement from Eaton’s of Canada 1956 Christmas Catalogue.

Christmas lights suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Colourfully decorative and appropriately festive. Imported bulbs burn independently-if one goes out the rest stay on so that no search isneeded to find the burnt-out one. Spring clip sockets for attaching to ree. Tri-plug and extension connector for adding other sets. Coloured bulbs glow brightly. For 110-12- volt circuit. Here’s an opportunity to light up your tree at a low cost. Continue reading

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Camp Paul Rivest – St.Come, Joliette, Quebec (4/14)

ca. 1950s Vintage canoes on lake and vacation cabins \ traditional canoes

The printed text on the back states that Camp Paul Rivest has access to

“Six lakes with finest speckled trout fishing and accommodations”.

Den Austin of the Montreal Gazette in a review dated 1969, agreed and said that …

Paul is one of the best outfitters within 80 miles of |Montreal and his rates are within the pocketbook range of anglers at $12 a day for three excellent meals, cabin and fishing rights on five lakes …

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Vintage Postcard: Bathurst and the Twist!

This is a postcard from Bathurst, New Brunswick where our Lagaces lived before moving to Verdun, Quebec. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the movie “Twist All Night” with Louis Prima was showing at the Kent Theatre on Main Street. That means that this is probably Main St. Bathurst in the early 1960s.

Vintage theatre, 1960s, classic cars, wing fins

The Kent Theatre had opened in 1952 while Stedman’s was in business from 1934.

Here’s an excerpt from the movie “Twist all Night” – the twist starts about midway through!

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