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Christmas in Louisiana in the late 1700s: Acadian and French Canadian Influence

The American who, a century ago, drifted down the Mississippi in the pirogue of those days, would have found himself, as he neared the river’s mouth, in a new and strange land, where all was foreign and novel to him— the language, the people, the very customs, habits and ideas.. The peculiarities of the Louisiana creole he met there were not to be wondered at, for it was the policy of the Spanish government to completely isolate this colony from the world, as it was already isolated by its position. None but Spanish vessels were allowed to enter the Mississippi, and of these only so many, or rather so few, a year; and trade, even with the Spanish West Indies, was contraband.

Occasionally, however, an American drifted down the river from the settlements just then being made on the upper Ohio, for it was almost impossible to keep out these restless adventurers whom the Spaniards viewed with much suspicion and as very dangerous. Continue reading

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An Acadian Christmas in Port Royal: The “Buche de Noel” or Yule Log

This is a late 19th century fictionalized account of an early Christmas in Acadia.


An Acadian Christmas, in the olden days as now, had many a point of difference Irom the typical Christmas of France.

The Norse blood in their veins gave importance to the Yule Log in old Acadian eyes ; and the Acadian of this later time, having breathed for generations the eclectic New World air, has suffered his Christmas to be touched by his Christmas-loving Anglo-Saxon neighbors.

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Gagetown from the St John River | Early 20th Century

Canadian Vintage Postcard | New Brunswick

My Acadian ancestors and their Maliseet friends knew this area as Grimross back in the mid 18th century when they were escaping the British. This was where Colonel Monckton’s Rangers tracked down and killed and scalped several

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A Canadian Family Through The Generations: Our Legers (2)

Generation 2

Jacques Pierre Leger and Anne “dite Tourangeau” Amirault

Jacques Pierre Leger and Anne Amirault were both born in Port Royal, Acadia – Jacques in 1698 and Anne in 1691. They were also married there on January 12th, 1717. Anne was the daughter of Francois “dit Tourangeau” (from Tours, France) Amirault and Marie Pitre, and Acadian. Anne gave birth to 13 children . They were Armand, Anne, Elizabeth, Francois,  Francoise, Jacques Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Joseph “dit Fluzan” Marie (1), Marie (2), Olivier, Paul, Pierre, Simon.

Their son Joseph “dit Fluzan” Leger is our direct ancestor. He married Claire Leblanc, daughter of Rene Jean Leblanc and Anne Theriault, on June 4th, 1744 in Beaubassin, Acadie (later Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia). Joseph and Claire had 7 known children – 6 of whom survived to adulthood and married. Continue reading

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A Canadian Family Through The Generations: Our Legers (1)

Generation 1

Jacques “dit La Rosette” Leger and Anne Madeleine Trahan.

Jacques La Rosette (aka Larozette) Leger was born in France in 1663 and died on the 28th of March 1751 in Port Royale Acadie (now Nova Scotia). He began as a military drummer and then became a farmer.

He married Anne Madeleine Trahan on March 13th, 1693 in Port Royale. Trahan was Acadian-born (Port Royale – 1677)  and was the daughter of Guillaume Trahan and Marie Magdeleine Brun who had come originally from St-Germain-de-Bourgeuil in the Indre-et-Loire region of France.

Jacques La Rosette and Anne Madeleine had 11 known children – Anne Marie, Elizabeth (1), Elizabeth (2) Francoise, Francois Baptiste, Jacques Pierre, Jean, Madeleine, Marguerite, Marie, Marie Francoise, Marie Josephte.

We descend from Jacques La Rosette and Anne Madeleine’s eldest son Jacques Pierre Leger and his wife Anne “dite Tourangeau” Amirault. Jacques and Anne were married in Port Royal on January 12th in 1717. They were both natives of Port Royal though she was seven years his senior. Anne was born on December 14th, 1691 while Jacques was born in 1698. Anne’s parents were Francois “dit Tourangeau” Amirault and Marie Pitre. Her father was from Tours, France while her mother was a Port Royal Acadian. Jacques Pierre and Anne had the following children: Anne, Armand, Elizabeth, Jacques Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Joseph “dit Fluzan”, Marie (1), Marie (2),  Olivier, Paul, Pierre, and Simon. Continue reading

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Lineage of Joseph Albert Laval Theriault of the Sayabec Therriaults

An enquiry from Rene Swan (Theriault)

” On my father’s side I am French, Irish and Mí’kmaq. I am also certain I have family in St. John’s Newfoundland and even went on souljourn there. I may get vertigo on a swing, but I ran to the sea and my sail from North Sydney Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques Newfoundland was wonderful and familiar to me, as was the return sail homeward bound to my Dear Lorraine! … So for a multitude of reasions, I celebrate that I am a Theriault.

I’m known in the music industry as René Swan, and have been since I was 15. By the way, on my mother’s side, it is documented that my third great uncle was Danish children’s author, Hans Christian Andersen. Question: Can you explore the possibility of any connection between Nicole (Theriault, the singer) and I and or any other relatives I may have out there?


Jehan Theriault &  Perrine Rau

Claude Theriault & Marie Gautreault

Germain Theriault & Anne Richard 1686

Claude Theriault &  Marguerite Cormier

(I descend from Claude’s brother Joseph & Marguerite Melanson)

Paul Theriault & Anne Hebert

Jean Jacques Theriault &  Magdeleine Grandmaison

Joseph Theriault & Josephte Vaillancourt

David Theriault & Christine Gueret

Elzear Theriault & Anna  Litalien (daughter-Louis L’Italien/Anastasie Dumas)

Jean Baptiste Therriault & Marie Antoinette Vachet (daughter of Francois Vachet and Maria Lyman)

On February 12th, 1923 in Notre Dame du Lac (Temiscouata, Quebec)

Their children were:

1.Joseph Jean Marc Therriault (born April 29th, 1924 in St Honore (Riviere-du-Loup)

2.Joseph Albert Laval Theriault (born May 27th, 1932)

3. Georgette Theriault

(m. Elisee Roussel (daughter of Wilfrid Roussel/M.Anne Fraser)

on October 28th, 1953 in St Nom De Marie parish in Sayabec, Matapedia

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Patrice Theriault (m. Marie Louise Theriault)

Patrice Theriault 1881 – 1968

Patrick Theriault and Marie Louise Theriault were married on July 20th, 1903 in Gloucester County, N.B. (PANB, RS141B7, Number: 3238,  Reference: B4/1903,  Microfilm: F15908).

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Malvina Theriault (m. George Dugas)

Malvina Theriault –  1902 – 1951

George Dugas and Malvina Theriault were married in New Bandon on July 23rd, 1930. (New Brunswick Vital Records: RS141B7, Number 4252, Reference: B4/1930, Microfilm: F19754). Continue reading

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