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The Degraces | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Shippegan Degraces (also spelled De Grasse, de Grace and Gras) descend from Antoine Degrace of Bathurst and Angelique Ache. Angelique was the daughter of Joseph Ache and Madeleine Doucet of Bathurst while Antoine was the son of Joseph Gras and Madeleine Poujade of Palma (Majorica, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean). Their children included: Rosalie (m. Antoine Doucet), Antoine (m. Francoise Boudreau), Marie (m. Michel Frenette), Raphael (m. Marie Doucet), Pierre (m. Adelaide Robichaud), Lucie (m. Charles Doucet), Rose (m. Romain Doucet), Ferdinand (m. Marie Doucet), David (m. Marie Doucet), Marguerite (m. Joseph Doucet), FrancoiseVenerandeCeleste (m. Aime Doucet). Continue reading

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