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Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Index: Filles du Roi

Marie Albert was a Fille du Roi. She was born and baptized on June 11th, 1643 in St-Pierre Parish in St-Pierre-d'Oleron (Charente-Maritime), France.


Andre Albert / Laroche  |  Anne Goiset

October 21st, 1669, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. -]  [Baptismal record]

Source: Researchers – Sylvain Poujol ; P. Peretti ; Lise Dandonneau

Francois Albert  |  Marguerite Bazeille

May 4th, 1818, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military, regiment de Meuron]  [Baptismal record]

Source: Researchers – Michelle Varnier, Romain Belleau, Lise Dandonneau; Christiane Moutaux

Guillaume Albert / Lafontaine  |  Elisabeth Halle

August 25th, 1664, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. Engage, La Rochelle]

[Baptismal record]

Source: Researchers – Archange Godbout, Lise Dandonneau

Pierre Albert / Larramee  |  Elisabeth Renaud

October 26th, 1761  Boucherville

[Occ.- mil., Troupes de Montcalm, Royal-Roussillion, Aurelian]

[Baptismal record]

Source: Researchers – Suzanne Galaise, Lise Dandonneau

Rene Albert / Beaulieu  |  Francoise-Genevieve Arnaud

February 20th, 1708, Pointe-de-Levy (Lauzon)

[Occ. military, Troupes de la Marine, Granville]

[Baptismal record]

Source: Researchers – Josée Tétreault ; Lise Dandonneau



Jean Chauveau / Lafleur |  Marie Albert

October 29, 1663, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

Marie Albert was a Fille du Roi (see 2nd note below).

[Baptismal record]

Source: Researchers – Archange Godbout, Lise Dandonneau



Variations or associated surnames

Beaulieu – D’Albert – Lafontaine – Laroche – Laviolette

Marchand, (de) St-Aignan, St-Vincent



This series of Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec microposts is dedicated to the earliest settlers of Quebec. If you are new to the genealogy of French-speaking Canadians, please be aware that the earliest French settlers can also descend from the Acadian pioneers who originally settled in what are now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In addition, please note that ANY Native related links refer back to other posts citing census, marriage or other documents with indigenous or Metis individuals of that surname, however those individuals do not necessarily descend from those particular French Canadian settlers. The posts are intended as Finding Aides – a place to find possible clues and start your own research!


Filles du Roi is the name that’s been given to about 700/800 women who emigrated from France to Quebec in the middle of the 17th century. They were called the King’s Daughters because Louis XIV (King of France) had sponsored their trips to the New World. Each Fille received her passage, a hope chest and room and board until her marriage (read further atThe Canadian Encyclopedia).

Marie Albert was a Fille du Roi. She was born and baptized on June 11th, 1643 in St-Pierre Parish in St-Pierre-d’Oleron (Charente-Maritime), France. She came to Quebec to join her brother. Her parents were Francois Albert and Thomas Gabaret. [Baptismal record and notes (in French)]  [for Quebec information see above]



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Core Index: Acadian & French-Canadian Genealogy & History

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Albert, Alfred Dominique | Pinet, Philomene
Married: 17 Nov 1896 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Alphonse | Lavigne, Edith
Married: 23 Jul 1917 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Amedee | Theriault, Stella
Married: 1928 New Bandon Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Anselme | Cyr, Marguerite
Married: 1842 St Basil Madawaska NB CAN
Albert, Avila | Chenard, Anne
Married: 12 Nov 1912 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Benoni | Theriault, Anaise
Married: Bef 1877 St Hilaire Madawaska NB CAN
Albert, David | Lanteigne, Barbe
Married: 20 Oct 1818 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Davide | Cormier, Olive
Married: 8 Jan 1883 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Henry | Lanteigne, Rose
Married: 29 Apr 1889 NB CAN
Albert, Hilarion | Landry, Claire
Married: 1814 NB CAN
Albert, Isaie | Cote, Delima
Married: 1846 L’Isle Verte Riviere-du-Loup Temiscouata QC CAN
Albert, Jean Baptiste | Pinet, Sophie
Married: 1873 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Joseph | Landry, Archange
Married: 10 Jan 1870 Grande Anse Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Joseph | Paulin, Marie
Married: 20 May 1894 Paquetville Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Joseph | Pinet, Sarah
Married: 8 Jan 1889 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Joseph | Lacroix, Anne
Married: 26 Oct 1903 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Leon Onesime Adelard | Lagace / Mignier, Exoree
Married: 17 Oct 1916 St Leon Rimouski QC CAN
Albert, Louis | Paradis, Josephte
Married: 1787 Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN
Albert, Nicholas | Mallet, Constance
Married: 29 Nov 1894 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Olivier | Boudreau / Boudrot, Angele
Married: 20 Nov 1899 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Pierre Camille | Jones, Mary
Married: 1862 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Placide | Theriault, Suzanne
Married: 1870 Gloucester NB CAN
Albert, Tranquil | Landry, Appoline
Married: 9 Oct 1882 NB CAN



Theriault, Etienne | Albert, Isabelle
Married: After 1837 Grande Anse Gloucester NB CAN
Lavoie, Moise | Albert, Julie
Married: 6 Oct 1823 Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN
Godin, Joseph | Albert, Justine
Married: 26 Sep 1910 Gloucester NB CAN
Theriault, Gustave | Albert, Laurette
Married: 12 May 1908 Gloucester NB CAN
Morais, Francois | Albert, Magdelaine
Married: 22 Nov 1808 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Godin, George | Albert, Marcelline
Married: 21 Feb 1873 NB CAN
Theriault, Joseph | Albert, Marie
Married: 8 Jan 1884 L’Isle Verte Riviere-du-Loup Temiscouata QC CAN
Legresley, Frederic | Albert, Mary
Married: Bef 1901
Cormier, Melchiade | Albert, Mathilde
Married: 1835 NB CAN
Theriault, David | Albert, Rose Marie
Married: est.1888 NB CAN
Theriault, Gerasime | Albert, Salome
Married: 1845 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Chiasson, Jacques James | Albert, Sarah
Married: 26 Jun 1911 Gloucester NB CAN
Theriault, Prospere | Albert, Yvonne Josephte Rose
Married: 1 Jul 1811 Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN


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