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Pinet Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon


The Grande-Anse Pinets descend from the  Pinets of Caraquet  who in turn descended from (appearing soon)

The earliest generation that I’ve found for Grande-Anse begins with the couple Dominque Pinet (son of Dominique Pinet and Rose Boudreau) and Victoire Landry (daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau). They were married in Bathurst on May 21st, 1810. Continue reading

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The Lacroixs | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick

The first Lacroix in Caraquet were Jean Lacroix (parents unknown) his first wife Jeanne die Jeanneton Albert (daughter of Gabriel Lacroix and Angelique Bouthillier) and his second wife Adelaide Hebert (daughter of Jean Hebert and Rose Cyr).

Jean Lacroix and Jeanne Albert had the following children: Ambroise, Andre, Marie (m. Andre Larocque, son of Francois  Larocque and Marie Morais), Marie, Felicity Sara. Continue reading

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The Smiths | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Smith family pioneers of Shippegan | New Brunswick genealogy

Thomas Smith (son of Thomas and Betsy Smith) was born in Liverpool, England. He and his wife Genevieve Robichaud (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Robichaud) had the following children: Thomas (Marie Landry, daughter of Timothy Landry and Venerande Savoie) Elisabeth (m. Cossette (?) of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec), William (m. Marie Caissie), Marguerite (m. Michel Chiasson, son of Prospere Chiasson and Madeleine Caissie, and then Adolphe Leclerc son of Jean Leclerc and Virginie Noel) and Charles (m. Louise Duguay, daughter of Antoine Duguay and Edesse Albert). Continue reading

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The Plourdes | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick

The Caraquet Plourdes descend from the French-Canadian pioneering couple Rene Plourde and Jeanne Marguerite Berube. Two Plourde brothers (Beloni and Stanislas Plourde) who had married two sisters (Marguerite and Adelaide Jean) in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec eventually settled in Caraquet. Continue reading

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The Parises | Pioneers of Caraquet

 Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


The Parise pioneering couple descended from Quebeckers from St-Louis-de-Kamouraska. Michel-Ignace Parise was the son of Gilles Parise and Julienne Chevrier of Paris, France. He married  Angelique Michaud, daughter of Pierre Michaud and Madeleine Lalime Thibodeau. Their children included: Genevieve, Michel (m. Marie Albert, daughter of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier), Angelique, Marie, Rosalie, Louis, Remi and finally Agathe. Michel-Ignace’s son Michel Parise married Marie Albert (daughter of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier). Continue reading

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