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Index: The Algonquins In Canadian Census Records

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Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts

This is where I place links to extracts of census records for the Algonquins in Quebec and Ontario. Each link below leads to a post with a list of the surnames carried by the Algonquins in a single given subdistrict at one point in time. Where technically possible, I’ve linked to each surname individually. Where I couldn’t do that I’ve made a link to the subdistrict. In all cases I’ve linked only to records that you can access free of charge.

Some other First Nations (including Algonquians] are listed in these other indexes:  The Abenaki,  The Innu Montagnais Naskapi,  The Iroquois Confederacy The Maliseet and The Mi’kmaq. The Ojibway and Chippewa will also be a standalone index (coming soon). Continue reading

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