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Beauvais Cabin | Canadien Beauvais | Maine

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If you belong – or know something – about  the Beauvais or Canadien families, you may be interested in this message from Brian Hinkley which apparently connects to a piece of the family history in mid-20th century Maine. [You can leave a reply for Brian in the comment boxes below and I’ll forward him your message and email].

“I live in a cabin in Oquossoc, Maine on the Rangeley River that I believe Big John Canadien may have originally built. Aida Canadien married Frank C. King and they lived in the cabin, adding to it in the 1940s. Can anyone add to the history of the cabin? Of particular interest is the trophy brook trout that was mounted by Herbie Welch, the most famous taxidermist of the Rangeley Lakes region.

I have many old photos of the King family (Frank and Aida) and possibly of the Canadien family and the Beauvais family. My family bought the house in the 1970s from the French Canadian family that owned it – Beauvais family (I may have the Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 241 – 260

HOUSEHOLD 241  Iroquois

Curotte Louis, 31      Curotte Therese, 29

Curotte Magdeleine,  6      Curotte John, 4

Curotte Arthur, 4 months

HOUSEHOLD 242  Iroquois

Montour Ignace, 39       Montour Laura, 35

Montour John, 15        Montour Ida, 13

Montour Florence, 8     Montour Marguerite, 3

Continue reading

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St. JEAN BAPTISTE FETE (1935) | Surname: Beauvais

Caughnawaga Reserve Stages Annual Celebration

Caughnawaga Indian Reserve yesterday celebrated the feast of St. Jean Baptiste, parading in the streets with the Caughnawaga officers of the order at the head. Later the residents adjourned to the grounds at the back of St. Francois Xavier Church where a French flag was hoisted.

Several Indians then competed with rifles to break off the top of the mast carrying the flag. Eddy Beauvais was the winner, receiving the $5 annually awarded for the feat.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Jul 8, 1935

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White Farmers in Caughnawaga (1880) | Surnames: Beauvais, Delisle, DeLorimier, Jocks, Murray, Williams

Interview with Chief Jocks and others – the question of white labour – the case fairly and fully stated

Yesterday we had an opportunity of meeting three of the prominent Indians from Caughnawaga, namely, Chief Jocks and Messrs. DeLorimier and Francois Delisle from whom we learned something of the difficulties which are prevailing in Caughnawaga, to which frequent references has been made in the newspapers. The following interview with the Chef will give our readers, perhaps, a better understanding of the whole question than they could get in any other way.

Rep.– I understand that the difficulties in connection with white residents n the reservation of Caughnawaga have not been settled?

Chief– They have not.

Rep.- What has given rise to this difficulty? Continue reading

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Past And Future Meet in Caughnawa (1949) | Surnames: Beauvais, Bechard, Bernier, Jacobs, Karhaienton, Lalonde, Piche, Tekakwitha

Past And future Meet in Caughnawaga


Caughnawaga, Que. –

Nation-wide attention will be focussed on this little village on the banks of the St. Lawrence River later this month, when one of the most modern schools in Canada is officially opened here n the presence, it is hoped, of Prime Minter St. Laurent.

For the Indian boys and girls who fill its bright, attractive classrooms, however, school days began at Tekakwitha School in September, not later, or earlier, than in other schools throughout the Dominion. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 181 – 200

HOUSEHOLD 181  Iroquois

Twoaxe, Martin, 64   Twoaxe, Marie, 60

HOUSEHOLD 182  Iroquois

Twoaxe Dominique, 35   Twoaxe Juliette, 37

Twoaxe Marie, 9 Continue reading

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Chief Red Eagle Dies in 48th Year (1941) | Surnames: Beauvais, Kan-at-ak-ien-iate, Stacey


Blood-Poisoning Fatal – To Brave Whose English Name Was Mike Stacey

Chief Red Eagle, known to thousands of United States tourists for his famous  Red Eagle village at Caughnawaga, and to thousands of Canadians for his rope tricks and archery skill died Saturday at  the Lachine General Hospital of blood poisoning. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Council – Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected (1924) | Surnames: Albany, Canadian, Phillips, Norton, DeLisle, Montour, Lacombe, Jacobs, Beauvais


Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected

The annual election of Indian councillors and mayor for Caughnawaga resulted as follows:

Mayor – Joseph Canadian

Councillors – James Phillips, Louis Norton, Andrew DeLisle, Angus Montour, J. Lacombe Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 121 – 140

HOUSEHOLD 121   Iroquois

Mayo John, 60

Mayo Marie, 35 Continue reading

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Identification Is Held Insufficent (1932) | Surnames: Beauvais, Boudrias, de Lorimier, Poirier

Surnames: Beauvais, Boudrias,de Lorimie,  Poirier

Suit for Assault Accordingly Dismissed in Superior Court


Mr. Justice de Lorimier Comments on Ability of Plaintiff to Travel Despite Alleged Injuries

Beaten near the Caughnawaga highway, Magloire Poirier identified Joseph Boudrias as his assailant and sued him for $530, but Mr. Justice de Lorimier, of the Superior Court, dismissed his action for lack of positive identification of Boudrias as the aggressor and commented on the fact that despite his allege injuries, Poirier was able to come to Montreal on the same afternoon to consult a lawyer.

Poirier alleged that on September 22, 1930, at Caughnawaga, near the main highway Boudrias attacked him maliciously without cause, striking him on the head and shoulders with a metal bar while he was stooping to remove a small gate. Later, he claimed, Boudrias boasted of having kicked hm on the head. Continue reading

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Extract: Caughnawaga Teachers (1918) | Surnames: Beaudin, Beauvais, Doherty, Regis, Thomson

Roman Catholic – Caughnawaga Boys

Sister Mary Gabriel (Princ.)

Sister Mary Joseph Herman (1st teacher)

Sister Mary Zeta (2nd teacher)

Sister Mary Lutgarde (3rd teacher)

Miss Margaret Regis (4th teacher) Continue reading

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