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French Canadian Pioneers: The Gerards of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec



Etienne Gerard / Girard / Provencal  | Francoise-Raphael Calve

June 2nd, 1752 St. Genevieve-de-Pierrefonds Continue reading

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Theriault Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

Theriault Genealogy | Grande Anse | New Bandon | Gloucester County | New Brunswick | Map

The George Theriault  who married Agnes Aube in 1872 and then settled in Grand-Anse (New Bandon) was the son of Sidefroy Theriault and Luce Landry and the grandson of the first Theriault couple to have settled  in Grand-Anse – Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet.   

George Theriault and Agnes Aube had at least the following children: Marie Phebee (m. Augustin Thibodeau, son of Alexis Thibodeau and Rose Fournier of Green Point, 1897), Alfred (m.  Francoise Godin of Caraquet, daughter of Nazaire Godin and Olive Dugas, 1900), Georgiana also Georgie Ann (m.  Elmeric Laliberte, of Fall River, U.S.A., son of Patrick Laliberte and Celina Lavallee, 1900), Valerie (m. Albert Chouinard, 1901), Albert (m. Therese Doucet of Bathurst Village, 1906)

George’s father Sidefroy Theriault (son of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet) had married Luce Landry (daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau)  on January 27th, 1824. Fidele Theriault says they had fifteen children of which 9 were still alive at his death. Their children included Jean C, a sailor who was born in 1840, Lazare, a teacher who married Mary Lewis), Agnes, Georges  himself, who married Agnes Aube, Elisabeth who married Alfred Aube (widower of Marie-Anne Blais), and ValerieContinue reading

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The Duclos | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Index: Pioneer Families of Shippegan

This is a series of micro posts about the pioneers of Shippagan in Gloucester County, New Brunswick. Each post is organized around initial information from Msg. Donat Robichaud’s Le Grand Chipagan: Histoire de Shippagan, supplemented with genealogical data from F. Theriault’s Les Families de Caraquet and is now being gradually enriched with information from other sources. These are mostly French-language sources and some aren’t easily available, so if you need more information please leave your questions in a comment box below  🙂

Duclos pioneer family of Shippegan, New Brunswick | Genealogy


Before arriving in Shippegan Pierre Duclos was from Bonaventure then Nepisiguit. His wife Marguerite Richard was born in St-Servan, Bretagne (France). She was the daughter of an Acadian exile (Pierre Richard) who had been born in Grand-Pre (Acadia) and been exiled to Virginia, then England, Saint-Malo, Saint-Sevan and finally Bonaventure. Pierre Duclos and Marguerite Richard had been married in Bonaventure, Quebec and their first children were born there.


Their children were:

  • Marguerite,
  • Claire (m. Benjamin Grenier, son of Pierre-Francois Grenier and Marie David),
  • Pierre-Hubert (m. Beatrice Blais, daughter of Joseph Blais and Louise Bob St-Fill),
  • Anne-Rose,
  • Marie-Helene (m. Joseph Chiasson, son of Jean Chiasson and Anne Daigle),
  • Jean-Eloy,
  • Jean-Flavien (m. Angele Savoie, daughter of Edouard Savoie and Charlotte Robichaud),
  • Marie-Rose, 
  • Pelagie (m. Jacques Noel, daughter of Jean Noel and Genevieve Cote),
  • Rufine (m. Paul Noel, son of Jean Noel and Genevieve Cote).



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French Canadian Pioneers: The Menards of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers 

Cap-St-Ignace, Menard Pioneer Genealogy


Adrien Menard | Marie-Angelique Dupont

November 19th, 1764, Cap-St-Ignace Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The St-Martins of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers


QUEBEC SURNAMES: St. Martin + Adhemar, Agement, Andre, Azema, Babeu, Berton, Blais, Blay, Boucher, Boutet, Breton, Clavau, Demers, Georget, Juchereau, Lenfant, Lesourd, Lestringant, Lize, Maillot, Montabert, Rambert, Rodier, Sageot, Soulage LOCATIONS: Montreal, Quebec, Contrecoeur, St-Francois-Regis, Pointe-aux-Trembles


Alexandre-Joseph St-Martin / Lestringant | Madeleine-Louise Juchereau

September 1st, 1694, Montreal (Notre-Dame) Continue reading

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Aube, Blais | Cimetiere de la paroisse de St-Joachim

Headstone: AUBE    |  St-Joachim, Chateauguay  | Quebec Cemeteries

Ildea Aube

1881 – 1967

Epouse de

Gonzague Blais


Gonzague Blais (son of Charles Blais and Caroline Cloutier) married Ildea Obe (daughter of Sifroy Obe and Mathilde Savignac) on September 24th, 1901 in Ste-Genevieve Parish in Berthier, Quebec.



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A – B – C | Non-Natives Among First Nations People Of Canada (Blais)

Core Index: Acadian & French-Canadian Genealogy and History



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A Canadian Family Database: Some BLAIS Marriages


Acadian and/or French Canadian Marriages

Splitting Codfish, Perce (Quebec)


Male | Female


Blais, Antoine | Charbonneau, Aimable

1765 Lavaltrie Berthier Lanaudiere QC CAN

Blais, Antoine | St Fil, Therese

1790 Pabos Gaspesie-Iles-de-les-Madeleines QC CAN

Blais, Augustin | Theriault, Genevieve

1785 Montmagny Chaudiere-Appalaches QC CAN Continue reading

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