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Hart m.Brownrigg of St-Blaise, Quebec

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 Message from Dorothy S.

I have been attempting to find some information on my great great grandmother Margaret Jane Brownrigg. We have always been told she was an Iroquois Indian who married a German Jew John Hart(z) upon his arrival to Canada.

I have seen a picture of this women and she is clearly from native decent, but we do not know where the name Brownrigg came from it does not seem to have a native background.

Margaret was born in 1846 St Jean Sur Richelieu and I have found her christening records, could she have been adopted to a white family?? Where should I be looking to get accurate information.

Food for Thought

1. I see no genealogical evidence of a Native connection, however if she were an adopted child then I am not hopeful that you could find any documentary proof of this in records from the md-19th century. Continue reading

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