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French Canadian Pioneers: The Girards of Quebec

Etienne Girard / Provencal | Francoise-Raphael Calve

June 2nd, 1752 Ste-Genevieve-de-Pierrefonds

[Occ. military, les troupes de la Marine, Cabanac]

Gabriel Girard / Lafleur | Genevieve Forcier

June 21st, 1762, St-Michel-d’Yamaska

[Occ. military, troupes de la Marine]

Guillaume Girard | Louise Deviss

January 7th, 1748, Forges du St-Maurice

[Occ. worker at the Forges] Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Blanchards of Quebec

Blanchard Family Tree | Quebec & New Brunswick, Blanchard Genealogy

Alexandre Blanchard | Marie-Angelique Charon dit Laferriere

September 21st, 1727, St-Pierre (Ile-d’Orleans)

[Occ. -]

Etienne Blanchard / Berichon | Marie Jouet

August 16th, 1771, Lachenaie (St-Charles)

[Occ. military, troupes de Montcalm, Berry, Milhau]

Francois Blanchard | Marie-Josephe Prudhomme

July 4th, 1757, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. labourer (beef cattle)]

Francois Blanchard | Marie-Josephe Robin

August 30th, 1762, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

Louis (Louis-Rene) Blanchard / Duval | Charlotte De Noyes

November 10th, 1728, Trois-Rivieres

[Occ. troupes de Montcalm, Languedoc, Matissart]

Mathieu Brunet | Marie Blanchard

April 16th, 1646, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

She was a Fille du Roi

Note: Some Blanchards are actually Acadian descendants of Guillaume Blanchard and Huguette Poirier who settled in Acadia in the mid-1630s ( as opposed to Quebec French Canadians).


Blanchard – Variations or associated surnames

Belleville, Dorval, Hilaire, Houle, Hubert, Larose, lasablonniere, Norert, Petrin, Rainaud, Raymond, Raynaud, Renaud, Renault, Richer, St-Quentin, Thuraine, Turelle, Turenne



Blanchard grooms

Blanchard, Antoine | Theriault, Elisabeth
Married: 1707 Port Royale Acadie NS CAN
Blanchard, Augustin Gauthier, Melanie
Married: 22 Sep 1919 Gloucester NB CAN
Blanchard, Charles | Girouard, Madeleine
Married: 3 Jan 1718 Port Royale Acadie NS CAN
Blanchard, Hubert | Poirier, Emilie
Married: 1858 Gloucester NB CAN
Blanchard, Hyacinthe | Theriault, Odile
Married: Bef 1884
Blanchard, Isidore | Leger, Isabelle
Married: 1791 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Blanchard, Isidore Thadee | Theriault, Julienne
Married: 14 Oct 1822 Caraquet Gloucester NB CAN
Blanchard, Martin | Guilbeau, Marguerite
Married: Abt 1720
Blanchard, Olivier | Admirault, Catherine
Married: Abt 1752 NB CAN
Blanchard, Prosper | Poirier, Angele
Married: 1869 Gloucester NB CAN
Blanchard, Rene | Landry, Anne
Married: 9 Jul 1726 Les Mines Acadie NS CAN
Blanchard, Rene | Theriault, Marguerite
Married: 1726 Grand Pre Acadie NS CAN


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