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CHRISTMAS Eve in Quebec; quaint, dear, old, historic Quebec. (1879)

The city is looking at its very best as the representative city of a land where snow reigns for a third of the year. Other cities may boast of summer charms, but Quebec, glorious under its summer sun, is enchanting under its winter snows.

All is life and fun and bustle to-night, and the streets, where the snow is so dry with frost that it is kicked before the foot of the passer-by like sand, are filled with crowds of people making preparation for the genial morrow. Fabrique Street and St. Johns are alive with sleighs dashing along the narrow roadway or cleverly creeping up the icy slope past the Esplanade. Continue reading

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Christmas in Canada (1870) | “Canadian Life is fast losing its picturesqueness”

Canadian life is fast losing its picturesqueness. Whatever of romance may cling to the life of the woods, or of the shores of the great lakes, the life of towns is growing colourless in its monotony. In Quebec and Montreal everything is European.

There may be a dash of novelty in costume, when winter compels the use of fur cloaks and gloves, fur-lined coats and clumsy boots as a protection against snow; but in the main Paris and London are copied with slavish fidelity. With the exception of the houses, with their double windows, triple doors, and Russian stoves, there are few touches of local colour, and these are growing fainter every year.

This applies, among other things, to Christmas observances. Christmas is kept with great heartiness; but much in the English way. As with us, it falls when winter has reached its intensest point: only, while we sometimes have a mild December, when roses will bloom in the open air, the month in Canada is always intensely cold. Continue reading

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Old Style Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments | 1906

old fashioned Christmas tree trimming | Canadian Christmas

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Christmas in Western Canada in 1884

History of Christmas in CanadaCHRISTMAS IN CANADA.

O blessed day, traditions dear
Have gathered round thy name ;

Of modest mirth, of kindly cheer.
Of charity’s bright flame.

John Readers Canadian Poems

The celebration of the great Christian festival has always been a characteristic feature of Canadian life. At no period in the history of the country have the people failed to make it the chief holiday of the year.

In this respect they differ from the people of New England, where the Puritan element in early times frowned down all feasts that were specially honored by the Episcopalian and Catholic Churches. But even in Massachusetts the festival has long since risen superior to mere sectarian rigor, which originated in the fierce controversies of the times of the Stuarts.

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Christmas Novelty Boxes from the early 20th century

old fashioned, vintage, Christmas Tree ornaments, early 20th century | cornucopias, holly designs

Folding Candy-boxes, unfilled, suitable for Christmas Trees, Juvenile Parties and Sunday School entertainments. They are prettily colored, and represent Christmas subjects such as Chimneys, Churches, Bricks, Cornucopias and Holly designs. They will be well assorted. Doz. 30c.


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Madonna and child look down on Quebec family | 1881

traditional candle-lit Christmas tree decorated with toys | mother with girls and boy | | elf-like Father Christmas | childrens'choir | b/w line drawing

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This toboggan-carrying Canadian Santa Wore Snowshoes | 19th Century

Northern Canadian Father Christmas | old fashioned toys: sled, horse pull toy, balls, hobby horse, Noah's ArkThis northern Father Christmas is surrounded by old fashioned toys including: a large toboggan, hobby horse, drum, Noah’s Ark, marionettes and a small sled.

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Canadian Santa with his bag full of toys climbs into chimney | 1922

vintage image of Canadian Santa climbing into chimney rooftop Index: Christmas in Canada Through Historical Images

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