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The Chapadeaus | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


Gilbert Chapadeau (son of Michel Chapadeau and Rosalie Landry) from Paspebiac and Marie Hebert (daughter of Joseph Hebert, widow of Jacques Lanteigne) are the first Chapadeau couple in Caraquet. They had three children: Agnes (m. Hyacinthe Lanteigne, son of Xavier Lanteigne and Caroline Bouthillier), Angele and Louise (m. Adolphe Cormier, son of Bernard Cormier and Olive Landry).

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The Gionets | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


Caraquet history


The first Gionets to settle in Caraquet were Francois Gionet and his first wife Marie LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau). Their children were: Pierre (m. Anne Robert dit LeBreton, daughter of Pierre Francois dit LeBreton and Therese Boise and then Marguerite Frigault, daughter of Pierre Frigault and Josette Bouthillier), Genevieve (m. Nicolas Chiasson, son of Joseph Chiasson and Anne Hache), Francois (m. Marie Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau), Marguerite (m. Francois Robert dit Lebreton, son of Francois Robert dit Lebreton and Continue reading

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The Parises | Pioneers of Caraquet

 Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


The Parise pioneering couple descended from Quebeckers from St-Louis-de-Kamouraska. Michel-Ignace Parise was the son of Gilles Parise and Julienne Chevrier of Paris, France. He married  Angelique Michaud, daughter of Pierre Michaud and Madeleine Lalime Thibodeau. Their children included: Genevieve, Michel (m. Marie Albert, daughter of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier), Angelique, Marie, Rosalie, Louis, Remi and finally Agathe. Michel-Ignace’s son Michel Parise married Marie Albert (daughter of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier). Continue reading

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The Lanteignes | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


Louis Lanteigne and Marguerite Chapadeau were the first Lanteignes to settle in Caraquet. Louis Lanteigne was a fisherman and is believed to have been the son of Jean-Nicolas Lanteigne and Marie Giraud de Verey, France. Marguerite Chapadeau was the daughter of Joannis Chapadeau Continue reading

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The Doirons | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


Zacharie Doiron was the son of Charles Doiron and Madeleine Thibodeau of Port Royal, Acadia. He married Anne LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau)  and together they had    children. They were: Madeleine (m. Jean-Baptiste Lavache, son of Honore Lavache and Continue reading

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The Alberts | Pioneer Families of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick

Gabriel Albert’s origin is unknown but it’s believed that he came from the Quebec Alberts and was one of a group of Quebec fishermen who came to fish in Chaleurs Bay. What is certain  is that Gabriel Albert married Genevieve Bouthillier (daughter of Joseph Bouthillier and Angelique Giraud dit Saint-Jean) in about 1751. Continue reading

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Historical Document: Chappados (Chapadeau,Chapados) Burial, 1839

Anne Chapado was married to Jean-Baptiste Anglehart (Migkelhart) in Paspebiac, Quebec. This is the record of her burial from church records in Bonaventure County, Quebec.  Anne was buried on June 16th, 1839. Her husband had pre-deceased her. She had died on February 13th at the age of 75 years old.


BlogChappados Anne 1830

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