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Motoring Accident Has Fatal Issue (1930) | Surnames: Jocks, Latour


Young man Dies at Caughnawaga as Result of Road Mishap

The body of Georges Latour, 21 years of age, of Caughnawaga, was removed from his home to the morgue yesterday afternoon. Latour, was one of a quintette of victims injured when the motor car in which they were travelling on the highway near Chateauguay overturned several times and was wrecked on October 9 last, died at the Sacred Heart Hospital at Caugnawaga, on Tuesday night. Continue reading

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Reader Query: Duquettes in Caughnawaga – Disaster Strikes! | Part 3/3

This is the third part of a series examining Duquettes associated with the history of Caughnawaga/Kahnawake.

Chateauguay Duquettes in Caughnawaga/KahnawakeThe 1881 census for Sault-St-Louis shows a Pierre Duquette and wife Celanire living in Caughnawaga with their children Pierre, Delima, Marie and Joseph. Pierre was a “pilote” (captain/navigator) – for a steamboat that was plying the waters between Kahnawake and Lachine.

Pierre Duquette parents were Paul Duquette and Catherine Auger. Pierre’s grandparents were Paul Duquette and his second wife Marie Louise Primeau,and his grandparents were Jean Baptiste Duquette and Francoise Daigeault Deniau (which intersects with Donna Lee Duquette’s line).

Celanire’s parents were Clement Chateauguay Caughawaga DuquetsBouthillier and Marie Louise Gagnon.

Pierre Duquette and Celanire Bouthillier had been married on July 29th, 1865 in Chateauguay’s St-Joachim Parish (Witnesses: Clement Bouthillier, Pierre Primeau).

Unfortunately, just one year after this census a great tragedy ensued. On September 21st, the Richelieu steamer had left Lachine headed for the Chateauguay Basin with Pierre Duquette as Captain. Pierre’s son was also on board as Purser, as well as his nephew Joseph Duquette who was at the helm at the time of the accident. In addition to other crew the Richelieu carried about Continue reading

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Video – Incendie au Bar/Pub William | Fire at William’s Bar/Pub | September 2012

Posted this morning by Bill Franchini

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Gros Feu A Chateauguay | Sir William Pub on Blvd. Youville Burns Down | Pt.2/3

These are more pictures that I took of the fire that swept through the Sir William Bar a few hours ago – and which was still threatening adjacent homes when I left. Bravo to our brave firefighters who were battling the fire from atop the buildings. Unfortunately, I only had my Iphone and was some distance so I have no high quality shots of that.

Please free feel to leave any comments below – and you can also forward any pictures that you would like to see published.

Other images at Sir William Pub Fire Pt.1/3 Sir William Pub Fire   at  Pt.3/3 Sir William Pub Fire.

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Gros Feu A Chateauguay (Fire) | Sir William Pub on Blvd. Youville Burns Down | Pt.1/3

I was out for my Sunday afternoon drive today when I happened on this fire at the well-known Sir William Bar on d’Youville in Chateauguay. I only had my Iphone with me so please excuse the quality.

This was a moment early on in the fire when the clouds almost blocked out the sun.

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Gros Feu A Chateauguay | Sir William Pub on Blvd. Youville Burns Down | Pt.2/3

Gros Feu A Chateauguay | Sir William Pub on Blvd. Youville Burns Down | Pt.3/3

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Wright, William & Gilmour, Agnes | Old Chateauguay Cemetery – Protestant

Chateauguay Genealogy | Canadian Family

William Wright, Sr.

Died February 17th, 1918

Aged 78 years

Also his wife

Agnes F. Gilmour

Died June 21, 1922

Aged 87 years



Possibly this family in the 1881 Census Records for St-Joachim, Chateauguay

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
 Willim WRIGTH  M  Male  Scottish  43  Ecosse  Cultivateur  Protestant
 Agnes WRIGTH  M  Female  Scottish  43  Ecosse  Protestant
 Willim WRIGTH  Male  Scottish  17  Ecosse  Protestant
 Mathuser WRIGTH  Male  Scottish  15  Ecosse  Son  Protestant
 David WRIGTH  Male  Scottish  13  Ecosse  Protestant
 Jhon WRIGTH  Male  Scottish  10  Ecosse  Protestant
 Agnes WRIGTH  Female  Scottish  6  Ecosse  Protestant
 Andrant WRIGTH  Male  Scottish  4  Ecosse  Protestant


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Headstone: Fauberts | Cimetiere de la Paroisse de St-Joachim

Chateauguay Cemeteries | Canadian Family

Moise Faubert

1862 – 1919

Delphis Faubert

1861 – 1927

Deloda Faubert

1869 – 1936

Adelard Faubert

1882 – 1976


Moise’s parents were Francois Faubert and Angelique Gendron.

“Deloda” was possibly Moise’s sister Marie Herminegilde Faubert.


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Evelyn in Montreal: Ascendancy of Louis Vincent (m. Chevrefils, Marie Eulalie) | Pt.2


As a follow-up to the previously published  ascendancy of Louis Vincent (m. Chevrefils, Marie Eulalie), this would appear to be the household of your great-great grandparents Seraphin Vincent and Henriette Lacoste in Ste-Urbain. (Chateauguay) in 1881. I would suggest that the married couple that is living with them is probably their  son Louis Vincent and daughter-in-law Marie Eulalie Chevrefils.

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
 Seraphin VINCENT  M  Male  Canadian  63  Quebec  Cultivateur  Catholique
 Henriette VINCENT  M  Female  Canadian  61  Quebec  Catholique
 Delphine VINCENT  Female  Canadian  39  Quebec  Catholique
 Louis VINCENT  M  Male  Canadian  33  Quebec  Cultivateur  Catholique
 Marie VINCENT  M  Female  Canadian  26  Quebec  Catholique
 Hormida VINCENT  Male  Canadian  26  Quebec  Cultivateur  Catholique
 Cleophas VINCENT  Male  Canadian  22  Quebec  Cultivateur  Catholique
 Marie VINCENT  Female  Canadian  4  Quebec  Catholique
 Zulma VINCENT  Female  Canadian  1  Quebec  Catholique


Seraphin Vincent and Desanges Riendeau in the 1851 census in St-Antoine (Longueuil). Continue reading

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Index: Chateauguay Today | Photographs

Chateauguay Library

Eglise St-Joachim (1/2)

Continue reading

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Eglise St-Joachim (1/2) | Chateauguay Today

St-Joachim Church of Chateauguay

This St-Joachim church (with its two central symmetrical windows, bell tower and oval window) dates back to the 1770s. The Chateauguay area had already been settled for 100 years. so this was not the first religious structure. Charles Lemoyne had been  granted the seigneury of Chateauguay in 1673. We know that  in that earliest period there had been a St-Joachim chapel on Ile-Ste-Bernard and that by the 1730s there was a wooden church built near the present site on Youville Blvd.

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Eglise St-Joachim (2/2) | Chateauguay Today | Quebec

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Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church | Chateauguay Today | Links Restored

This is a January 2010 photograph of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church which serves the English-speaking Catholics of Chateauguay, Quebec. The latest generation of children on both sides of our family were baptised in OLPH parish.

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