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Tessier dit Lavigne Family | Evelyn in Montreal

Yvonne Gustafson said:

I am one of the twins born of Edward Roger Tessier, DOB 3-2-27
My Father’s family was from Montreal, Canada. They moved shortly before 1927. My dad had two sister’s: Fern and Rose both born in Canada. My Grandfather was Adolph D. Tessier born 1-6-1885. He had 10 children, Medana,Clemence,Laurant,Fernand,Medard,Neamic,Helena and Helaire. Two Children I do not remember the names. My sister, Yvette and I were born in 1957, and my brother Andre in 1951. As the story goes. My Father lived in Holyoke, Mass and was friends with Ruth Allaire, She was actually a friend of Rose Tessier. My dad Continue reading

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