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The Noels | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The first Noels in Shippegan were Jean-Bernard Noel (son of Benoit Noel and Agathe Parent) and his two wives Genevieve Cote and then Marie Garant. They were settled on Lameque Island.

Jean Noel (as he was known) and Agathe Parent had at least the following children:  Francois (m. Joseph Poulin, son of Joseph Poulin and Continue reading

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The Goupils | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Joseph Goupil (son of Joseph Goupil and his third wife Barbe Poulin, daughter of Louis Poulin and Helene Chiasson)  and his first wife Cordule Brideau had the following children: AnneEliseeDinaPierreCharlotte (m. Osias Duguay), TheotisteVictoire (m. Luc Lanteigne, son of Michel Lanteigne and Virginie Savoie). Joseph Goupil was the son of Joseph Goupil  and Madeleine Theriault dit Grandmaison of Quebec. He was the captain of a goblet (the Mary-Anne which travelled between Halifax, Labrador and Newfoundland. Continue reading

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The Doirons | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Doirons are a relatively late settlers in Shippegan. Jean Baptiste Doiron (son of Adrien Doiron and Domitilde Lanteigne) and Agnes Chiasson (daughter of Prospere Chiasson and Madeleine Caissie) had the following children: Joseph Aime (m. Agnes Chiasson, duaghter of Honore Chiasson and Virginie Brideau), Andre (m. Henriette Duguay, daughter of Osias Duguay and Charlotte Goupil),  Continue reading

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The Duclos | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Pierre Duclos was from Bonaventure then Nepisiguit before arriving in Shippegan. His wife Marguerite Richard was born in St-Servan, Bretagne (France). She was the daughter of an Acadian exile (Pierre Richard) who had been born in Grand-Pre (Acadia) and been exiled to Virginia, then England, Saint-Malo, Saint-Sevan and finally Bonaventure. Continue reading

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The Courtes | Pioneers Families of Shippegan

Donat Robichaud says that the Shippegan Courtes are believed to be descended from the Paspebiac, Quebec Courtais line who came originally from Bretagne (France). The Shippegan first couple are Edouard Courte and Prudence Duguay and they are first recorded in the census records from 1861 and 1871. their children were: Didyme (m. Philomene Chiasson, daughter of Tranquille Chiasson), Continue reading

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The Chiassons | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

This line of Chiassons became pioneers all around the area including Shippegan, Miscou, Lameque and Caraquet. The Shippegan founding couple were Nicolas Chiasson (son of Joseph Chiasson and Anne Hache) and Genevieve Gionet Gionais (daughter of Francois Gionet and Marie LeVicaire who had arrived originally from Prince Edward Island and were married in Caraquet in 1784. The first mention of this couple in Shippegan is from 1809 when they occupied a piece of land in the centre of the village. There’s even a stream named after then called “Ruisseau a Nicolas” (Nicolas’ Stream). Continue reading

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The Leblancs | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Daniel Leblanc and Virginie Poulin (daughter of Fabien Poulin and Genevieve Robichaud) are the founding Leblancs of Shippegan. Daniel was a teacher. Their children included: Eutrope (m. Cecile Chiasson, daughter of Laurent Chiasson and Marguerite Caissie), AlfredOlesineMarie,OliveEmelieDelphine (m. Lange Duguay), Josephine (m. Jean Chrysostome Arseneau, son of Antoine Arseneau and M. Blanche Leblanc),  Continue reading

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The Robichauds | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Jean Baptiste Robichaud (son of Joseph Robichaud and Claire Leblanc) and Felicity Cyr (daughter of Jean Cyr and Marie Josephte Hebert) founded the Robichaud line in Shippegan. They were Acadian refugees who had ended up in St-Malo (Bretagne, France) and who were then able to make their way back to Prince Edward Island (Canada) on one of Robin’s ships. Continue reading

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The Mallets | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Jean Mallet (son of Francois Mallet and Marie Madeleine Larocque) and Marie Josephte Duguay (daughter of Rene Duguay and Marguerite LeBreton) emigrated to Shippagan about 1791 and they were the first Mallets to settle in Shippegan. Jean’s father Francois was from Bouillon (d’Avranches) while Jean’s mother was a daughter of Francois Larocque and Marguerite Caplan. Continue reading

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