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Blanchard Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

The earliest Blanchards I have found in Grande-Anse were Jean-Baptiste Blanchard and his wife Genevieve Landry. The couple were from Caraquet  and were married there on November 23rd, 1824. His parents were Isidore Blanchard and Isabelle Leger while she was the daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau. Continue reading

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The Gionets | Pioneers of Caraquet

Caraquet history
The first Gionets to settle in Caraquet were Francois Gionet and his first wife Marie LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau). Their children were: Pierre (m. Anne Robert dit LeBreton, daughter of Pierre Francois dit LeBreton and Therese Boise and then Marguerite Frigault, daughter of Pierre Frigault and Josette Bouthillier), Genevieve (m. Nicolas Chiasson, son of Joseph Chiasson and Anne Hache), Francois (m. Marie Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau), Marguerite (m. Francois Robert dit Lebreton, son of Francois Robert dit Lebreton and Continue reading

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The Frigaults | Pioneers of Caraquet

The first Frigaults in Caraquet were Pierre Frigault (probably born in France) and his wife Marie-Joseph dit Josette Bouthillier (daughter of Joseph Bouthillier and Angelique Giraud dit St. Jean). Their children were: Pierre (m. Marie Lanteigne, daughter of Louis  Lanteigne and Marguerite Chapadeau), Francois (m. Helene Chiasson), Marie (m. Jean-Baptiste Leclerc dit Francoeur, son of Jean-Baptiste Leclerc and Josette Duval), Marguerite (m. Pierre Gionet), Joseph dit Francois (m. Eulalie Mailloux, daughter of Louis Mailloux and Suzanne Huard), Rene (m. Euphrosyne Chiasson, daughter of Pierre Chiasson and Marguerite Duguay). Continue reading

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The Laroques | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Pioneers of Shippegan Lameque Miscou - The Laroque family
The first Laroques in Shippegan were Honore Laroque (son of Michel Larocque and Brigitte Mallet) and Marthe Stibre. Their children included: Rachel, Hortense, Gaspard (m. Marie Hache, daughter of Octave Hache and Anastasie Chiasson), Philorome, Honore (m. Louise Hache, daughter of Octave Hache and Natalie Chiasson), Adolphe, Marie (m. William Ward, son of William Ward and Marie Bezeau), Felix, Alexandrine, Joseph (m. Justine Chiasson, daughter of Fidele Chiasson and Adeline Duke). Continue reading

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The Smiths | Pioneers of Shippegan

The Smith family pioneers of Shippegan | New Brunswick genealogy

Thomas Smith (son of Thomas and Betsy Smith) was born in Liverpool, England. He and his wife Genevieve Robichaud (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Robichaud) had the following children: Thomas (Marie Landry, daughter of Timothy Landry and Venerande Savoie) Elisabeth (m. Cossette (?) of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec), William (m. Marie Caissie), Marguerite (m. Michel Chiasson, son of Prospere Chiasson and Madeleine Caissie, and then Adolphe Leclerc son of Jean Leclerc and Virginie Noel) and Charles (m. Louise Duguay, daughter of Antoine Duguay and Edesse Albert). Continue reading

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The Plourdes | Pioneers of Caraquet

The Caraquet Plourdes descend from the French-Canadian pioneering couple Rene Plourde and Jeanne Marguerite Berube. Two Plourde brothers (Beloni and Stanislas Plourde) who had married two sisters (Marguerite and Adelaide Jean) in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec eventually settled in Caraquet. Continue reading

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The Parises | Pioneers of Caraquet

The Parise pioneering couple descended from Quebeckers from St-Louis-de-Kamouraska. Michel-Ignace Parise was the son of Gilles Parise and Julienne Chevrier of Paris, France. He married  Angelique Michaud, daughter of Pierre Michaud and Madeleine Lalime Thibodeau. Their children included: Genevieve, Michel (m. Marie Albert, daughter of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier), Angelique, Marie, Rosalie, Louis, Remi and finally Agathe. Michel-Ignace’s son Michel Parise married Marie Albert (daughter of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier).

The Caraquet children of Michel Parise and Marie Albert were: Genevieve (m. Pierre-Leon Roussi, son of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau), Michel (m. Rosalie Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau, and then Louise Grenier), Angelique (m. Louis Roussi, son of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau and then Francois Duguay, son of Francois Duguay and Madeleine Chapadeau), Marie (m. Jean Lanteigne, son of Louis Lanteigne and Marguerite Chapadeau), Rosalie (m. Pierre Paulin, son of Jean-Baptiste Paulin and Isabelle Gasse), Louis (m. Madeleine Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau), Remi (m. Archange Duguay, daughter of Pierre Duguay and Josette LeBrasseur), Agathe (m. Edouard Bouthillier, son of Rene Bouthillier and Genevieve Chiasson). Continue reading

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The Guignards | Pioneers of Caraquet

Pierre Guignard (aka Dignard) was the son of Pierre Guignard and Genevieve Mignier dit Lagace of Kamouraska, Quebec. Pierre married Marie Bourg (daughter of Joseph Bourg and Catherine Comeau) in Bonaventure, Quebec. After her death he married Anne Daigle (widow of Jean Chrysostome Chiasson) in Lameque, New Brunswick.

Pierre Guignard and Marie Bourg had the following children: Pierre Michel (m. Marguerite Savoie, daughter of Joseph Savoie and Marguerite Bujold, and then Madeleine Robichaud, daughter of Jean Robichaud and Marie Bourgeois), Victoire (m. Frederic Bourdages, son of Benjamin Bourdages and Esther Bujold), Marie Genevieve (m. Thomas Power, son of James Power and Marguerite Quinlan), Joseph, Esther (m. Jean-Louis Duguay), Jean-Baptiste (m. Judith Savoie), Rufin (m. Madeleine Grenier, son of Francois Grenier and Victooire Grenier), Marguerite (m. Edouard Godin), Marie-Celeste (m. Francois David), Marie-Claire (m. Benjamin Robichaud, son of Jean Robichaud and Marie Bourgeois, Urbain. Continue reading

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The Noels | Pioneers of Caraquet

Samuel Noel (son of Jean Noel and Cecile Chiasson) and Victoire Pinet (daughter of Placide Noel and Marie-Angelique Roy) had the following children: Marie Adeline, Gustave (m. Madeleine Guignard, daughter of Charles Guignard and Marcelline Duguay), Ubald, Marie Adeline, Marie (m. Joseph Lanteigne, son of Augustin Lanteigne and Odile Gionet), Marie Cecile, Appoline  and Joseph Vital Lange (m. Marie Victorine Lanteigne, daughter of Eugene Lanteigne and Genevieve Mercier).

Continue reading

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The Heberts | Pioneers of Caraquet

The Caraquet Heberts are from Acadia. Joseph Hebert (son of Charles Hebert and Catherine Saulnier) had married Marie-Joseph Vincent (daughter of Jean Vincent and Isabelle Michel) in Port-Lavoie (Saint Jean Island) and the couple arrived in Caraquet in the 1760s.  Their son Joseph Hebert married Theotiste Doucet and had a son Joseph Hebert who married Anne Chiasson (daughter of Pierre Chiasson and Marguerite Duguay). Continue reading

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The Duvals | Pioneers of Caraquet

Amice Duval (son of Philippe Duval and Marie Huelin of the Jersey Islands) who had been married to Esther Rouet (daughter of Aaron Rouet and Jeanne Sutherland were married in St. Brelade (Jersey) arrived in Caraquet in the late 1850s to work on the construction of the church. His wife didn’t accompany him but his nephew John Duval (son of Philippe Duval and Jeanne Rouet)  did and settled down in Caraquet with a wife he found locally – Elisabeth LeCouteur (daughter of Jean Lecouteur and Marie Blanche Chiasson of Miscou). This line had no issue, however another son of Philippe Duval and Jeanne Rouet) called Georges Duval also settled locally and married Veronique Paulin (daughter of Francois-D’Assise Paulin and Veronique Hache). Continue reading

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