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Christmas Tide in Canada (1883)


Seasons of festivity, both sacred and secular, have never lacked zealous observance in Canada. The earliest colonists were essentially a religious people. Even when at sea Jacques Cartier was mindful of his calendar, and the great river that was expected to bear the adventurers to far Cathay was named after the valiant deacon who defied the power of heathen Rome.

Something of the crusading spirit as well as chivalry still lingered in the minds of Frenchmen, and even Basque and Breton sailors aspired to share the labors of the missionary. Such men were not likely to allow fast or festival to pass unnoticed. And, as they came of a gay and sociable race, in any plan of life that they might adopt merriment and good cheer were pretty sure to have recognition. Continue reading

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Core Index: The Christmas Season in Canada Through Historical Images

Canadian images of gift-givers

Papa Santa Claus hands out gifts | 1890s

Father Christmas Shakes Hands with Father Time | 1890s

This toboggan-carrying Canadian Santa Wore Snowshoes | 19th Century

Canadian Santa with his bag full of toys climbs into chimney | 1920s

Canadian images of the Christmas Season

Canadian children dance around candle-lit Christmas tree | 1870s

Madonna and child look down on Quebec family | 1880s

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Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noel – Buon Natale (1881)

Father Christmas

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Christmas On Parker St. 2009 | When Plastic Was King

Some of Parker St.’s decorations date from

Christmas on Champlain Blvd., Lasalle in the 1960s


Note: Parker St. is my sister’s home Continue reading

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Christmas On Parker St. 2009 | Nooks-and-crannies

Christmas in every nook and cranny.

Hi Lori,
Thank you for the compliment about my angel ornaments. They are handpainted on the inside through the tiny hole at the top !!! This method is called “Li Bien” and they are sold at Pier One Imports. Every year they have a different angel and I have been collecting them for quite a few years now.   Carol-Ann

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Christmas on Parker St. 2009 | O Christmas Tree!

A selection of contemporary ornaments

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