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The Village Church Of The Iroquois Indians Of Caughnawaga (Inscription)

Blessed Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, place of burialThis is an early twentieth century view of

Caughnawaga’s historic St-Francois-Xavier Church

where the soon-to be Saint Kateri is entombed.

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St-James Cathedral, Montreal (replaced St-Jacques, now Mary, Queen of the World) – Links Restored

Montreal churches, historical images, Quebec postcards

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Eglise St-Joachim (1/2) | Chateauguay Today

St-Joachim Church of Chateauguay

This St-Joachim church (with its two central symmetrical windows, bell tower and oval window) dates back to the 1770s. The Chateauguay area had already been settled for 100 years. so this was not the first religious structure. Charles Lemoyne had been  granted the seigneury of Chateauguay in 1673. We know that  in that earliest period there had been a St-Joachim chapel on Ile-Ste-Bernard and that by the 1730s there was a wooden church built near the present site on Youville Blvd.

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Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church | Chateauguay Today | Links Restored

This is a January 2010 photograph of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church which serves the English-speaking Catholics of Chateauguay, Quebec. The latest generation of children on both sides of our family were baptised in OLPH parish.

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Methodist Centenary Church | Montreal | Links Restored

The Methodist Centenary Church – home church of the Harveys in the early twentieth century – served the rapidly expanding, working-class district of The Point – officially known as Point St. Charles. This is the church where Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey was baptised. Unfortunately  the building was destroyed on Christmas Day in 1911.

Text that accompanied photo:

Montreal’s Spectacular Christmas Day Fire – The exterior of the West End Methodist Church as it looked after the disastrous Christmas Day fire had been extinguished by Montreal’s heroic fire laddies, man of whom were severely frost-bitten while fighting the flames. (Photo by J.F. Cook).

Click on the image to your left and you can go see a larger version of this – and many other images – of Montreal from the Massicotte Collection. Edouard-Zotique Massicotte was a very interesting gentleman who collected images of Montreal buildings – including newspaper clippings, postcards and photographs – over a fifty year period form 1870 to 1920. What is really fascinating is that he placed these into albums which were organized street by street. What a great resource today for local historians!

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St.Joseph’s Oratory (Montreal, Quebec) – An Artist’s Rendering – Links Restored

This is the third of a series of historic images of St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal that I’m publishing to commemorate the fact that Brother Andre has taken one more step along the way to Catholic sainthood.

Oratoire Saint Joseph du Mont-Royal


Reverse of Card (Postmark 1932)


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Vintage Postcard: Farnham, Quebec: Church of England (Anglican) | Links Restored

This is an early twentieth century view of the Anglican (Church of England) church in Farnham. Farnham is located in the modern administrative region of the Monteregie, but is historically associated with the area known as the Eastern Townships.


Some Family Surnames in Farnham, Quebec in the early twentieth century.

Adam(s) – Allan – Allen – Archambault – Ayers – Bail – Barrier – Barrons – Basinet – Beard – Beaudry

Beaupre – Beauregard – Beauvais – Belanger – Belleville – Benjamin – Benoit – Berry – Besette – Bidwell

Bisette – Bond – Bonnet – Bouchard – Boyd – Brach – Brault – Brennan – Brimmer – Brodeur – Brown

Buck – Bull – Burnell – Burnett – Burnett – Burt – Butler – Cameron – Carpenter – Carter – Cassette – Catudel

Cavalier – Caverly – Charron – Chevalier – Chicoine – Chrysler – Clark – Clayton – Clement – Clerwell – Cloatre Continue reading

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Vintage Postcard: Amos, Quebec: Sainte-Therese d’Avila Cathedral

This is an early twentieth-century view (1930s?) of Amos (region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue). In the background you can see the famous domed cathedral of Ste-Therese d’Avila.


Large areas of Quebec continued to be colonized well into the twentieth century – and Amos is an example of this. It’s called “Le Berceau de L’Abitibi” – the Cradle of Abitibi, and was officially established only in 1910. It will be interesting to see what family surnames appear on the 1921 Canadian Census when it’s released to the public – although I know that the very first settlers were Turcottes.

* * * * *


* * * * *


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Vintage Postcard: Presbytere de Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere


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Riviere-Ouelle Church: the Old and the New – Links Restored

A few years ago I spent an afternoon in Riviere-Ouelle – the seigneury where our Mignier dit Lagace ancestors spent their first century in the New World. As expected, I didn’t find direct traces of our Lagace ancestors. After all the Mignier Lagaces were simple folk and they left Riviere-Ouelle over 200 years ago. However, I did find this memorial stone near the present-day Riviere-Ouelle Church. In English it woud read:

“Site of the first church dedicated to Notre Dame de Liesse, Riviere-Ouelle 1685-1985.”

Even though the original church hasn’t survived it was exciting to think that I was standing on the actual ground of the original church. I spent some time thinking about how our ancestors might have stood in that very spot hundreds of years ago, perhaps chatting before mass – or preparing to enter for their marriage or baptismal services.


The Seignury de la Bouteillerie was established in 1672 and the first settlers arrived just two years later. By 1685 the Riviere-Ouelle Catholic registries were opened and the first church was erected just a year later – however, there was no resident priest just yet! The earliest settlers were served only by missionary priests and it was 1689 before Riviere-Ouelle was accorded its first resident priest.

Riviere-Ouelle Church Today


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Notre Dame des Victoires Church – Quebec City – Links Restored

Many of Quebec’s founding couples

– including our ancestors Andre Mignier dit Lagace and Jacquette Michel

were married in Notre Dame des Victoires.


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Vintage Postcard: St-Brelade Church, Jersey

This vintage postcard shows the ancient church of St-Brelade in Jersey, Channel Islands, which is said to date back over 1000 years to the time of the “wandering Celtic saints” (see Links). Several of Elie Luce and Elizabeth Sorsoleil‘s children were born in St-Brelade.

Does anyone know whether this was Elie Luce and Elizabeth Sorsoleil’s church?

If so please drop me a line in the comment box below.

Fisherman's Chapel | Jersey Channel Islands | Cemetery

On the left is an enlarged detail from the vintage postcard, showing the Fishermans Chapel or Chapelle des Pecheurs which dates back to the 11th/12th century – on the right, a photographic detail of one of its medieval Continue reading

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