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Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere – Au Martinet Hotel/Motel | 1960s postmark

vintage motel, hotel, Quebec postcard, Canadian Family

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English translation of text on reverse of postcard – complete meals served 24 hours per day and year-round.

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Rawdon, Quebec – Main Street

Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection

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The Laprairie Tourist Rooms on Blvd. Taschereau & The Pinsonneault Family

Quebec vintage postcard, old cars, 50s-60s

Laprairie Tourist Rooms,

Showers and Spring Mattresses,

Route 9,  Bld. Taschereau, Laprairie, Quebec

Emile Pinsonneault, Prop.

The owner of the Laprairie Tourist rooms was the Emile Pinsonneault (son of Isaie Pinsonnault and Alma Parent) who married Louise Lanctot (daughter of Pilocles Lanctot and Lumina Robidoux) on October 1st, 1932 in St-Constant (Laprairie). Continue reading

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The Seville Theatre (1910s) | Montreal In The Time Of Tramways

 Historic views of Montreal’s trams in the early 20th century (2/12)


 This is another vintage postcard from my Ste-Catherine St. collection. It shows Montreal’s core shopping district  (with trams, of course) at the turn of the twentieth century.


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Baie-Comeau (Cote Nord, Quebec) Main Shopping District In The 1960s – Links Restored

This is a 1960s view of Baie-Comeau’s main shopping district. Baie-Comeau is a relatively new town. It was established “at the instigation of Robert R. McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune, as a pulp and newsprint milling centre”.

Baie Comeau

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A circa 1960s view of Main Street in Granby, Quebec

This is a vintage view of Granby‘s busy Main Street shopping district during the early 1960s. Granby is located in the modern administrative region of the Monteregie, Quebec.


Granby was first settled by two waves of English-speaking peoples: United Empire Loyalists who fled the United States of America after the War of Independence, and then the Irish who were fleeing the terrible potato famine of Europe. These were later joined by other English-speakers who built cabins and used the area as a summer retreat from their hot, steamy cities.

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Rouyn-Noranda (Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Quebec)

The message on the back of this vintage postcard is dated July 31st, 1962. It depicts Rouyn Noranda’s busy Main Street in front of Kresge’s Department Store. Note the classic cars! Rouyn Noranda is now the capital of the region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue.


Before researching this postcard, I thought that Kresge’s had gone bankrupt because I haven’t seen them around Quebec in the last few decades, but I just found out that Kresge’s is now known as Kmart! If you’re interested in the history of shopping centres, you should really drop by Pleasant Family Shopping, where Dave provides “A nostalgic look back at supermarkets, discount stores and more from the past”.

“New” memories of Rouyn’s Kresge’s Dept. Store – by Alain Bernier

I grew up in Rouyn-Noranda, from the early ’60s to the mid ’90s.

When I was a kid, going to S.S. Kresge was the best treat ever. We would go explore the toys department in the basement. But the best treat was when my mom would take me to the “Dinette” snack bar on the main floor for French Fries and grape juice. I never came across the specific taste of their grape juice. I still remember it now, 40 years later! I also remember the “Blue Light Special”.

When I was 16, I applied for a job as a security guard at Kresge. Didn’t get it but I remained a regular of the camera department, by the big front windows, where all our family photos from that time were developed.

Message from reader George Ayotte – Thanks!

Nice to see this postcard, I have managed that store in the early 80`s for K-Mart (previously S.S. Kresge Co.). I have very fond memories of Rouyn and the nice people working inthat store, it was then the main store in Rouyn. It had 3 different levels of salesfloor.

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Vintage Postcard: Chicoutimi, Quebec (rue Racine) Links Restored

Vintage coloured postcard of the rue Racine in Chicoutimi, Quebec

Chicoutimirue Racine

Chicoutimi, Quebec – Vintage Sign


Le Plus Grand Choix


Chicoutimi Reverse

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Vintage Postcard: Sorel, Quebec

This is a vintage (ca.1906), b/w postcard of the rue du-Roi in Sorel, Quebec

Sorel rue du-Roi

Reverse of Postcard of Sorel, Quebec

Sorel Reverse


Miss E Neumann, 83 Beaumont St., Brooklyn, N.Y., N.Y.


Sunday 8-9-26

Hello Elizabeth, We made Sorel by 7 PM. I called Albert on the phone and wanted us to come to Drummondville but we stayed at the Sorel Hotel. We saw Drummondville lose a tough game 3 to 2. The game went 10 inings. Firoud picked for Drummonville. We got your letter tonight and we regret that you couldn’t come because we are staying at a pretty classy dump and we have twin beds. Joe & Gir…


Can you identify this vehicle? If so, I would

be so grateful if you dropped me a line

in the Comment box below.

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St-Helen’s Island (L’Ile Ste-Helene) Montreal, Quebec | Links Restored


Family Photo - Summer of 1956

When I was growing up in the 1950s, St-Helen’s Island (L’Ile Ste-Helene) was a popular destination with Montrealers trying to escape the city’s heat – and this was especially true for working-class families (like mine) who couldn’t afford “real” vacations in far-off places. St-Helen’s Island is located just off Montreal Island in the St-Lawrence River and water was clean at the time (or at least we thought it was) so its beach and picnic grounds were always paced with fun-seeking Montrealers!

For this photograph, my parents posed me and my sister in front of our pride-and-joy – the family’s Morris Minor.

What we didn’t know at the time was that St-Helen’s Island would be completely transformed less than a decade later as part of Montreal’s preparation for its world fair – Expo 67. Montreal’s brand new subway system (le Metro) was being built, and an engineer hit on the idea of dumping the excavated earth into the St-Lawrence River to build up Ile Ste-Helene and Ile Notre- Dame-Islands. I suspect this type of project would not pass muster in our more ecologically aware times, but the 1950s/60s were a time of grandoise ideas and mega-projects (see also Happy 5oth Birthday – St-Lawrence Seaway!). In this excerpt from the Montreal Expo 67 Official Guide entitled “Nouveaux Travaux d’Hercule” or “The Miracle of Expo” you can see that Quebeckers really felt they were taking their place on the world stage.

Quote from the Expo 67Official Guide:

In two years the original Ile Ste-Sainte-Helene (top) was extended and

Ile Notre-Dame built up from a few acres of rocks (bottom).


Expo 67 Official Guide:

Map showing the new Metro (red dotted lines)

Ile Ste-Helen with new amusement park La Ronde

Ile Notre-Dame site of the Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix Races


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Vintage Postcard: Bathurst and the Twist!

This is a postcard from Bathurst, New Brunswick where our Lagaces lived before moving to Verdun, Quebec. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the movie “Twist All Night” with Louis Prima was showing at the Kent Theatre on Main Street. That means that this is probably Main St. Bathurst in the early 1960s.

Vintage theatre, 1960s, classic cars, wing fins

The Kent Theatre had opened in 1952 while Stedman’s was in business from 1934.

Here’s an excerpt from the movie “Twist all Night” – the twist starts about midway through!

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