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The Noels | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The first Noels in Shippegan were Jean-Bernard Noel (son of Benoit Noel and Agathe Parent) and his two wives Genevieve Cote and then Marie Garant. They were settled on Lameque Island.

Jean Noel (as he was known) and Agathe Parent had at least the following children:  Francois (m. Joseph Poulin, son of Joseph Poulin and Continue reading

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The Duclos | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Pierre Duclos was from Bonaventure then Nepisiguit before arriving in Shippegan. His wife Marguerite Richard was born in St-Servan, Bretagne (France). She was the daughter of an Acadian exile (Pierre Richard) who had been born in Grand-Pre (Acadia) and been exiled to Virginia, then England, Saint-Malo, Saint-Sevan and finally Bonaventure. Continue reading

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Cote m. Moreau | Evelyn in Montreal

Query from Joni Fortier: Looking for the parents of Gabriel COTE, and whether he married Adelaide MOREAU or Adelaide CHEVRETTE. His son’s death certificate says mother’s name was Adelaide CHEVRETTE, but the parish register for marriage apparently says Gabriel was married to Adelaide MOREAU. Continue reading

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Cote & Martel | Evelyn in Montreal

Query: I have Cote and Martel in my line as well, and many questions (gaps to fill in).  Have you heard of a Celina Cote who m. Victor Martel (supposed to be her cousin, I think). She was his second wife. They married December 7, 1908, in Mansonville (I believe). His first wife, was Ida Castonguay. I have a picture of Victor and Celina at their farm in Mansonville, around 1908. I know who Celina’s parents are, but not Victor’s. I am trying to figure out how they are cousins. My mother knew Celina, and said she married a cousin.  My great grandmother was Sophie Martel m. Hipolite (Paul) Royer. Sophie’s sister Rosalie Martel m. Celestin Cote. I’ve come to realize, that many of the brothers and sisters of one family, married brothers and sisters of another. There are many Cote/Martel marriages like this, which makes things get a little confusing. Continue reading

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Cote & Wright, Buckingham | Evelyn in Montreal

Cathy Filion asking:

I am related to Andrew Cote married to Elizabeth Wright in 1889 Buckingham Quebec. I would love to hear more about their parents.


Andrew Cote (son of Vital Cote and Janet Stewart)  and Elizabeth Wright (daughter of William Wright and Roxena ? were married on  July 2nd,  1889 in Buckingham (Papineau, Quebec) in the Presbyterian church.

Vital Cote and Janet Steward were married in the Anglican church on May 8th, 1861 also in Buckingham. Both spouses were from Buckingham.


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Gervais Georgette, Cote Emma, Gervais Armand | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)


1910 – 1923


1866 – 1948


1901 – 1949


1866 – 1953


1894 – 1954

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Cote Joseph | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Cote Joseph Headstone


1864  JOSEPH COTE 1938 Continue reading

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Cote, Maheu | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Quebec Cemetery, Ste-Philomene,


1863 – 1941 Continue reading

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McClure m. Cote | McClure m. Dumas | Evelyn in Montreal

for Marlaina


1. Auguste Mcclure (parents Olivier Mcclure and Henriette Dumas) married Elise Cote (parents Octave Cote and Celina Lajoie) on  on July 6th, 1880 in the parish of St Paul de la Croix, Riviere du Loup (Quebec, Canada). Continue reading

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