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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 221 – 240

HOUSEHOLD 221   Iroquois

Deer Thomas, 47     Deer Helene,  32

Deer Michel, 20    Deer Marie,  16

Deer Anne, 13  Deer Lazare, 10

Deer Guillaume, 9      Deer John, 3

Phillips Magdeleine,  47

HOUSEHOLD 222   Iroquois

Lazare Lazare, 44   Lazare Marie, 56

Lazare James, 25  Lazare Anne, 13 Continue reading

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The Caughnawaga Ploughing Match (1883) | Surnames: Tehoniataronwe, Montour, Jocks, Sky, Phillips, Daillebout, Patton, DeLorimier, Leaf


The first ploughing competition ever held in Caughnawaga was looked forward to by the residents with an intense interest, which was not confined to the Indian reserve but spread among the farmers for miles around. The farm of John Tehoniataronwe had been chosen as the scene of the completion, and early on Saturday morning spectators began to arrive in large numbers. It is estimated that between four and five hundred people were on the ground, among them many visitors from the neighbourhood of Chateauguay.

For the first class, over 18 years of age, there were twenty-three entires, a number which few older and more pretentious associations could equal. Each man had to plough a width of twenty four feet by about two acres in length, with a prize ridge in the centre. The competitors drew lots for position, and at the given signal started off, every man appearing to be perfectly at home with the plough. Excellent work was done, indeed some of the farmers present declared it equal to the best they had seen. One of the judges remarked that he had seen some of the best Canadian pressmen do worse work. After over an hour’s examination, in addition to watching the progress of the work, the judges awarded the prizes in this class as follows:-

Class I – 1st prize, $8, Chief Montour; 2nd prize, $5, Matthew Jocks; 3rd prize, $4, Francis Sky; 4th prize, $2, Thomas Phillips. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 201 – 220

HOUSEHOLD 201 Iroquois

Montour Angus,  46   Montour Anna, 46

Montour Peter, 22  Montour Thomas K. 19

Montour Josephine, 12

Hemlock Marie, 16

HOUSEHOLD 202  Iroquois Continue reading

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Angus Skye, 16 of Caughnawaga, Drowned While Cycling Home (1930) | Surnames: Skye, White, Deer, Jocks

Angus Skye, a 16-year-old Indian youth living here, was drowned shortly before two o’clock this afternoon, when, while crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge between Lachine and this place on his bicycle, he lost his balance and fell from the bridge into the cold waters of the St. Lawrence River. The body has not yet been received although a search is being made.

W. White and Tom Deer, intimate friends of Skye, who were with him at the time of the drowning, and who witnessed the accident, related a very sad story to Police Chief Jocks. They remembered how their friend ad met his death, and also for he valiant attempt Skye made to swim to shore. He was soon exhausted, however, and sank out of sight. Continue reading

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A Convert Baptised In The Indian Church (1894) | Surnames: Deer, Ononkwatkowa, Forbes

A Convert Baptised In The Indian Church 

A ceremony of great interest to the Caughnawaga tribe – a novelty to all of them – took place Thursday last at Vespers. Mrs. John Ononkwatkowa (big medicine) who bears in English the name of Deer, was received into the Roman Catholic Church. This is the first Protestant, in the memory of the present generation, who Continue reading

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Quebec Indians Seize Sports Show Spotlight | (1952) | Surnames: Deer (?)

Quebec Indians Seize Sports Show Spotlight

A band of roving Mohawks, far from their native haunts among the foaming rivers and forested hills of Quebec have invaded Milwaukee not to fight but to trade at the Sentinel Sports show now at the Atena Auditorium.

Wearing the buckskin garb and beaded ornaments of their ancestors, Young deer, his mother, Iona, his brother Little Bear, and his cousins, Pine Tree and Lone Wolf, moved into a spacious exhibit space just east of the entrance to the trout stream. Continue reading

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Joseph Rice & Mary Deer Of Caughnawaga

Rebecca Rice says:

I have so many blanks. Grandfather is Joseph (K?) Rice, he married Mary Deer. They had 5 children( I believe) Frank, Ruth, Marie, Russell & ?William? ( possibly may have had more children…not sure. Looking for anything regarding my lineage. Russell is my father, my sister & I tried to do this years ago and came to a dead end. We did end up registering my father though. Continue reading

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