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The Delagardes | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Delagardes - founding family of Shippegan [Baie des Chaleurs, New Brunswick) Charles Delagarde was a Protestant from the Jersey Islands who converted to Catholicism to marry Venerante Robichaud. Their children included: Isabella (m. Jim Mallet, son of Benjamin Mallet and Marie Duguay), Louisa (m. Joseph Paquet, son of Jean Paquet and Marguerite Noel) , Venerante, Charles (m. Elmire Rioux of Trois-Rivieres and then Marie Louise Degrace), John and Esther (m. Auguste Robichaud son of Louis Robichaud and Brigitte Finn). Continue reading

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The Trudels | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Trudels | Genealogy of founding families of Shippegan

The Shippegan Trudels came from the Trudels of St Gregoire de Nicolet (Quebec). Two Trudel brothers had become priests in Prince Edward Island and several of their relatives followed them. Eventually one of their sisters (Hortense) married a McNally and settled in Shippegan. Afterwards others followed including Camille Trudel who married Emilienne Poirier. Continue reading

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The Godins | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

New Brunswick founding families - The Godins of Shippegan

There are three early Godin couples in Shippegan – Alexandre Godin (prob. the son of Pierre Godin  and Ann Robertson) and Anne DeGrace, Pierre Godin (son of Jean-Baptiste Godin and Rosalie Theriault) and Anne Robertson (daughter of James Robertson and Helene Morrison).  Continue reading

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The Landrys | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Landry early  settlers of Shippegan, New Brunswick


The Landrys of Shippegan descend from these two couples.

1. Arcade Landry (son of Michel Landry and Marie Breau) and Emergence Robichaud, daughter of Dosithe Robichaud and Priscille St. Pierre) who had the following children: Marie (m. Martin J Robichaud), Georgina (married Osias DeGrace, daughter of James DeGrace and Suzanne Allain), Frank (m. Valerie J. Robichaud), Priscille (m. Theodore DeGrace). Continue reading

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The Paquets | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Packet family genealogy | New Brunswick pioners - Shippegan

Jean Baptiste Paquet (son of Augustin Paquet and Catherine Tourangeau) was from St. Roch, Quebec. Jean Baptiste married Mary Marguerite Knowles (daughter of George Knowles of Norfolk, England and M. Marguerite Hudon dit Beaulieu and the couple arrived in Shippegan around 1837. Their children included: Herman, Joseph (m. Louise Delagarde, daughter of Charles Delagarde and Venerande Robichaud), Michel Dosithe (m. Cesarine Sara Duguay, Continue reading

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The Degraces | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Degrace pioneer family of Shippegan, New Brunswick


The Shippegan Degraces (also spelled De Grasse, de Grace and Gras) descend from Antoine Degrace of Bathurst and Angelique Ache. Angelique was the daughter of Joseph Ache and Madeleine Doucet of Bathurst while Antoine was the son of Joseph Gras and Madeleine Poujade of Palma (Majorica, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean). Their children included: Rosalie (m. Antoine Doucet), Antoine (m. Francoise Boudreau), Marie (m. Michel Frenette), Raphael (m. Marie Doucet), Pierre (m. Adelaide Robichaud), Lucie (m. Charles Doucet), Rose (m. Romain Doucet), Ferdinand (m. Marie Doucet), David (m. Marie Doucet), Marguerite (m. Joseph Doucet), FrancoiseVenerandeCeleste (m. Aime Doucet). Continue reading

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The Bouchers | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Boucher founding family of Shippegan (Chaleurs Bay, New Brunswick)

The first Bouchers in Shippegan were William Boucher (son of Desire Boucher and Cleante Lanteigne)  and Venerante Robichaud (widow of Charles DelaGarde). William and Venerante had the following offspring: M. Philomene, Joseph (m. Emilie Robichaud, daughter of Georges Robichaud and Philomene DeGrace and then Vitaline Hache, daughter of Israel Hache and Olive McGrath). William’s parents were from Caraquet and descended from Joseph Boucher and Elisabeth Martin whose offspring settled in Caraquet, Bathurst, Couctouche and then Grande-Anse, Inkerman and as stated above, Shippegan. Continue reading

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