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Many Seek Honors (1931) | Surnames: Delisle, Jacobs, Jocks, Johns, Lacombe, Lawrence, Martin, McComber, Paul, Standup, Skye, Williams

Caughnawaga Indian Reserve Name Aldermen Tomorrow

There are 15 candidates seeking aldermanic honors at Caughnawaga Indian reserve, out of which six will be chosen tomorrow morning. Of these six, one will be name mayor or chief of the Indian reserve.

The candidates are John Lacombe, John Skye, John F. Martin, Andrew Delisle, Peter J. Delisle, Peter Jacobs, Peter Williams, Frank P. Johns, Paul Paul, John Lawrence, Angus T. McComber, Angus Standup, John Norton, Joseph Martin and Dominic McComber. These candidates were chosen yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

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Ex-Chief Delisle (1886) | Surnames: De Lisle

Ex-Chief De Lisle, an aged Indian chief, died at the Caughnawaga Reserve on Monday evening. He is to be buried with honours tomorrow. The deceased was formerly one of the best pilots, knowing the Lachine rapids thoroughly.

Source: Montreal Daily Witness, June 30th, 1886

Index: Historical Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke 

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Iroquois Decry Paleface Rule (1938) | Surnames: Delisle, Garlow,

Pow-wow at Caughnawaga Advised Against Citizenship

Chief Garlow of N.B. Stresses Great Debts and Counsels Native Ways

Iroquois of the Caughnawaga Reservation and delegates representing other Indian communities in Eastern Canada, meeting in the “grand national pow-wow” now being held on the South Shore reservation, were advised yesterday to refuse Canadian citizenship if it were offered to them.

According to Chief Chency Garlow, spokesman for the Indians of Restigouche, N.B. the pale faces had “made a mess of this country, and their ways led only to trouble.” Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Debates Merits of Three Candidates for Grand Chief’s Post (1941) | Delisle, Diabo, Williams, Woodland



Joe Delisle Opposing Peter Williams and Paul Diabo for Office Vacated by Peter Delisle‘s Death

by Tracy S. Ludington

Feeling is running high today in Caughnawaga as members of six clans hold forth vociferously on the respective merits – and demerits – of three candidates for the post of tribal chief, to fill the shoes of the late Peter Delisle – who died on March 10. Continue reading

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White Farmers in Caughnawaga (1880) | Surnames: Beauvais, Delisle, DeLorimer, Jocks, Murray, Williams

Interview with Chief Jocks and others – the question of white labour – the case fairly and fully stated

Yesterday we had an opportunity of meeting three of the prominent Indians from Caughnawaga, namely, Chief Jocks and Messrs. DeLorimier and Francois Delisle from whom we learned something of the difficulties which are prevailing in Caughnawaga, to which frequent references has been made in the newspapers. The following interview with the Chef will give our readers, perhaps, a better understanding of the whole question than they could get in any other way.

Rep.– I understand that the difficulties in connection with white residents n the reservation of Caughnawaga have not been settled?

Chief– They have not.

Rep.- What has given rise to this difficulty? Continue reading

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Mayor Delisle Is Angry And Resigns (1932) | Surname: Baillargeon, Delisle


Disapproves of Indians’ Decision to Allow Whites to Work on Reservation


Referendum at Caughnawaga Regarding Contractor’s Right to Cart Stones Favors Him

(Special to The Gazette)

Caughnawaga, Que. December 13.-

Angrily stamping his foot on the platform and protesting against white men invading the Indan reservation to work, Peter J. Delisle mayor of this reservation, resigned his post last night as mayor of Caughnawaga. In vehement tones he expressed himself as being dissatisfied with the referendum which was held to night, and at the end of which over 200 Indians voted giving Pacifique Baillargeon, sub-contractor on the Lasalle-Caughnawaga bridge, the right to cart stones on the Indian Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Council – Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected (1924) | Surnames: Albany, Canadian, Phillips, Norton, DeLisle, Montour, Lacombe, Jacobs, Beauvais


Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected

The annual election of Indian councillors and mayor for Caughnawaga resulted as follows:

Mayor – Joseph Canadian

Councillors – James Phillips, Louis Norton, Andrew DeLisle, Angus Montour, J. Lacombe Continue reading

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Reader Query: Peter Tiokate Delisle & Agnes Wianta Blue Horn

Looking for family tree info. on the family of Agnes Wianta Blue-Horn-DeLisle and Peter Tiokate DeLisle. They were my grandparents born in the early 1900’s and any family in their tree that you may be able to find or info.   Thank you!    Kelly

native genealogy | Kahnawake This is a record from the registers of the Methodist Church of Caughnawaga, of the marriage of Peter Delisle (ironworker) and Agnes Blue on November 7th, 1927.

Another interesting record which might connect to your lineage is that of an Agnes Blue Wahientha, widow of Jean Baptiste Soronhiaa who died On May 23rd, 1935. This record is from the St-Francoix-Xavier Catholic parish.

Iroquois Mohawk Genealogy

If we look to the 1911 census for what the government called “Sault St.Louis Indian Reserve”, we find two Bleue households, as well as a Dailleboust household with a little girl named Agnes Bleue.

Continue reading

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Headstone: Delisle, Louise | Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) Cemetery

Louise Delisle Lazare

1901  –  1986

Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) Protestant Cemetery

Kahnawak:ke  Kateri  Catholic Cemetery

Index: Kahnawa:ke & the Iroquois | QC/ON

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Headstone: Delisle, Louis & Diabo, Josie | Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) Protestant Cemetery

Iroquois Mohawk GenealogyLouis Akwirente Delisle

1898 – 1978

Josie Ka Wen Ni He Diabo

1908 – 1998

Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) Protestant Cemetery

Kahnawak:ke  Kateri  Catholic Cemetery

Index: Kahnawa:ke & the Iroquois | QC/ON

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Extracts: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (Ka)

Main Index: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (Marriage Documents)

Updated January 2015

Quebec IndiansKaanabanoketc, Amable | Kiweensokwe, Marguerite

Married: 1842 Oka | Kanesatake | L’Annonciation Parish

Kabi8igabia8etch, Boniface | No name, Agathe

Married: 1787  Oka | Kanesatake | Deux Montagnes

Kabiskoutouchemou, Joseph | Kanamatse, Marie Josephte

Married:  July 9th,1759 Colombier | Saguenay | Ste-Anne Parish

Kabikijik, Joachen | Obitarinakwe, Angelique

Married: 1845 Maniwaki | Gatineau  | L’Assomption-de-la-B.V.M. Parish

Kagaki Pwanichin, Louis | Anikon Netjiwanok, Marie

Married: 1803 Oka | Kanesatake | Deux Montagnes

Kagilchekamikwe, Joseph | No known surname, Marie

Married: Before 1853

Kahenwoton, Louis | Tiowonse, Marie Anne

Mariied:  1805 Oka | Kanesatake | Deux Montagnes

Kaheraien, Jacques | Kiatiostha, Cecile

Married: June 10th, 1910 Akwesasne | Ahkwesáhsne | St-Regis Parish

Continue reading

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Delisle, Pierre Sebastien m. Proteau, Marie Admais (Quebec, 1909)

Pierre Sebastien Delisle

son of Theophile Delisle and Lumina Marcot


Marie Admais Proteau

daughter of Mederic Proteau and Emma Touzin

Location: Deschambault Portneuf QC CAN

August 24th, 1909

*  *  *

Theophile Delisle Continue reading

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