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French Canadian Pioneers: The Bauchers of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

QUEBEC SURNAMES: Baucher + Desilva Deslyva Dassilva, Grandjean, Paradis LOCATIONS: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Ste-Famille.


Jean (Louis-Guillaume)  Baucher / Labonte  |  Marguerite Dasilva

February 2nd, 1761, Trois-Rivieres

[Occ. military, troupes de la Marine]

Source: Researchers – Archange Godbout ; Lise Dandonneau


Guillaume Baucher / Morency  |  Marie Paradis

October 16th, 1656, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. -]  [Genealogical notes – French]

Source: Researchers – Marcel Morency, Jean-Paul Macouin, Lise Dandonneau


Rene Baucher / Morancy / Sansoucy  |  Adrienne Grandjean

January 8th, 1666, Ste-Famille (Ile-d-l’Orleans)

[Occ. -]

Source: Researchers – Marcel Morency ; Lise Dandonneau ; Jean-Paul Macouin



Variations and assorted surnames

Bauché  –  Bauchet  –  Beaucher  –  Boché
Bocher  –  Bosché  –  Boscher  –  Boucher  –  Larcher
Laruine  –  Montmorency  –  Morency  –  Sansoucy


This series of  Early French Canadian Pioneers  microposts is dedicated to the earliest settlers of Quebec. If you are new to the genealogy of French-speaking Canadians, please be aware that the earliest French settlers can also descend from the Acadian pioneers who originally settled in what are now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In addition, please note that any Native related links refer back to other posts citing census, marriage or other documents with indigenous or Metis individuals of that surname, however those individuals do not necessarily descend from those particular French Canadian settlers. All these posts are intended as Finding Aides – a place to find possible clues and start your own research!



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From A Canadian Family Database

Baucher, Guillaume  /  Lepinteur, Marie
Married: 1728 Caen Normandie FR

Baucher, Jean Desilva / Dassylva Portugais, Marguerite
Married: 2 Feb 1761 Trois-Rivieres Mauricie QC CAN




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Pedro da Silva/Dassylva/Desilva/dit le Portugais Descendants | Documentary Launch

Dassylva, Desilva, le Portugais

Carlos Taveira contacted me recently to let me know that the French-language launch of a new documentary about Pedro da Silva will take place in Laval on January 26th, 2014. Those planning to attend are asked to R.S.V.P. by January 10th. Bill Moniz (the producer) and Francine Dassylva will both be present at the screening. Carlos Taveira contributed his research (which will be published as a book) for Bill Moniz’ project.

You can find further information here –  Pedro Da Silva, premier courrier de la Nouvelle-France | Facebook.  Whether or not you can attend, you may wish to “like” the Facebook group or this post so that the word gets out to others in the family history community 🙂

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Update: Pierre (Pedro) dit le Portugais m. Jeanne Greslon / Laviolette

M-Line: Eveline Melvina Luce

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Update: Pierre (Pedro) dit le Portugais m. Jeanne Greslon / Laviolette

This message is Dominique Ritchot’s follow-up to a former query about this Desilva/Greslon marriage

Here’s part of the transcipt of the marriage contract I found at the library of the Societe genealogique canadienne-francaise (SGCF):

Contrat de mariage n. 784 entre Continue reading

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dit le Portugais m. Greslon Laviolette | Evelyn in Montreal

Bonjour Evelyn,
I am hoping you might be able to help me. I also live in Montreal and am working on my own family history. Pierre (Pedro) Da Silva is my great grandfather (11 times). I have looked through many of the Drouin records (on ancestry.ca) for his marriage to Jeanne Greslon dite La Violette in 1677, but can’t find the specific record. I’ve looked through Château-Richer, Beauport, Québec Notre-Dame and cannot find any mention. Would you be able to direct me to the right place?
Many thanks,
Continue reading

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A Canadian Family M-Line: Eveline Melvina Luce

An M-line is a lineage built by beginning with a woman and tracing her line back mother-to-mother.  As a result, the surname changes with each generation. This is a big trend right now, especially with the advent of genetic genealogy which allows both men (through their mothers) and women to trace their bloodlines through their mtDNA.

 Marguerite Caplan’s mother was First Nations (possibly Mi’kmaq).This was known through genealogical records and is now supported through  testing by numerous female descendants showing a marker for First Nations DNA.


Eveline Melvina Luce’s  M-Line


First Named Generation

Marguerite Caplan m. Francois Larocque

About 1729 – Acadie

Continue reading

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Historical Document: George Lewis & Clementine Desilva – Marriage, 1896

This marriage of George Lewis (son of Philippe Luce and Anne Ward) and Clementine Desilva (daughter of Clement Dassylva and Marie Blais) took place on November 8th, 1896 in St-Urbain Parish in Lameque (Gloucester, New Brunswick). George’s father Philippe Luce was already dead.

Official witnesses – Thomas Desilva and Marie Lewis.

Father Doucet officiated.


Surname var.:  Desilva, Dasilva, da Silva, Dassylva & Lewis, Luce, Lusse


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Historical Documents

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Pedro da Silva dit le Portugais, Premier Messager en Nouvelle-France

dasilvagood1In 2003 Canada Post wanted to celebrate the contributions that Portuguese Canadians had made to the country and they chose to do this by highlighting the work of Pedro da Silva, 18th century immigrant to New France.

Here’s an extract from the Canada Post ” … Based on the 1681 census, da Silva had settled with his family in Beauport, Quebec where he worked as a common carrier. He later moved to Sault-au-Matelot in Quebec City’s lower town, and became involved with the shipping of goods. His proximity to the St. Lawrence River gave da Silva easy access to the ships off-loading goods for delivery within Quebec City and the colony. It is believed that da Silva built a good reputation for transporting goods, packages and letters by offering delivery in all seasons, even the harsh winters ….. da Silva received a letter of commission signed by Jacques Raudot, Intendant of New France, bestowing on him the duty of ‘first courier’ in Canada. He also received permission to carry letters “… from private persons to their address and to bring back the replies…” It was da Silva’s punctuality, “…diligence and loyalty…” that earned him the privilege of being a ‘regular messenger’ of goods as well as royal dispatches and those of the Governor General of New France between Quebec City and Trois-Rivières or Montreal.”

Surname var.: Dasilva, Dassylva, Desilva


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Historical Document: Pedro Dasslyva – Burial, 1717

This is the burial record of the founder of our Desilva line, whose descendant Clementine Desilva married into our Luce line. Pedro Dassylva was known by many names including: Pedro/Pierre, da Silva/Dassilva/Dassylva/Desilva.


According to this document, Pierre Dassylva the Portuguese (aged about 70 years) was buried in the Quebec city Notre Dame parish cemetery on August 25th, 1717 after having received the sacraments of the church. His wife Jeanne Greslon / Laviolettte died some time later.

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Historical Document: Clement Dassylva & Marie Blais – Marriage, 1871

This is the original marriage record of Clement Dassylva (son of Thomas Dassylva and Anastasie Savard) to Marie Blais (daughter of Paul Hypolite Blais and Marie Huard) on November 23rd, 1850 in Grande-Riviere (Perce) in Gaspe, Quebec. Father Saucier officiated. Witnesses at their marriage were Clement’s father Clement Dassylva and Joseph Beaudin, a friend of the bride. Continue reading

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From Lisbon to La Nouvelle France – the Portuguese Desilvas


1. Joseph Da Silva was born in 1621 in St-Julien, Lisbon, Portugal. Joseph and his wife Marie Francois were the parents of Pedro Desilva – the founder of our Canadian branch of Desilvas. (+2 M i. ) Pedro Da Silva (hereafter called Pierre dit le Portugais Desilva / Dassylva Portugais) was born in 1647 in Lisbon, Portugal and died in 1717 in Quebec City, Canada. Continue reading

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