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They Passed Through Kahnawa:ke: Moise Gatien and Anne Dailleboust

Moise Gatien and Anne Dailleboust can be found living in Caughnawaga at the time of the 1921 census. His occupation is listed as “cordonnier” (cobbler or shoemaker).   Marriage records show that this couple had been married on March 2nd, 1908 in St-Henri parish in Montreal.

Moise Gatien‘s  parents were Edouard Gatien (son of Edouard Gatien and Adelaide Bourdon) and Zoe Diotte (daughter of Moise Diotte and Marcelline Brousseau) and they had been married in St-Michel-Archange Parish in Naperville on the Continue reading

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They Passed Through Kahnawake: Emile Bellefleur and Josephine Boucher | Pt.1

Bellefleur Boucher Marriage Record

Note from Evelyn: This couple are my grand-daughter’s ancestors through her father’s maternal line.

Emile Bellefleur (son of Zotique Bellefleur and Adele Bourdeau) married Josephine Boucher (daughter of Alfred Boucher and Marie Allard) on September 21st, 1903 in St-Francois-Xavier Church in Kahnawake (aka Caughnawaga).

1901 Census

Emile Bellefleur appears with his family in the 1901 Sault-St-Louis census district. The household was headed by his widowed mother (Adele Bourdeau) and included 19 year old Emile as well as his older brother Wilbrod (21 yrs.) , and his younger brother Arthur (17 yrs.) and his younger sister Ivonne (14 yrs.) The three oldest boys are listed as farmers.

Bellefleur 1901 censusStill in 1901, Josephine Boucher was also single and living in Kahnawake with her parents (Alfred Boucher and Marie Allard). She was 15 years old and had 6 younger siblings in the family (William, Joseph, Anny, Agnes, Eva and Pierre). The Bouchers were also French Canadian farmers who had leased land from individuals in Kahnawake (separate post to follow). There is also a mention a few years later of an A. Boucher renting land in the Extract: Indian Affairs Annual Report (1903) Viau.


1911 Census

By 1911 Emile Bellefleur and Josephine Boucher had moved to  La Minerne/Labelle Township,  however Emile’s brother Wilbrod Bellefleur was still in Kahnawake with his wife  Louise Kaneratine D’Ailleboust daughter of  Francois-Xavier Aronhente-D’Ailleboust and Henriette Salois. 

A Bellefleur Lasselin Family Line | Part 2

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Dominic Daillebout/D’Ailleboust/Diabo & wife Marie Anne (also Domnique Karenhiaktate & Marie Anne Konwanatense) | Part 1

Dominic Diabo D'Ailleboust  Property Gerrie Trapp Rousseau

Query from Gerri Trapp Rousseau

My Kanien’kehá:ka great-grandfather was Dominic Diabo and great-grandmother a Delisle (Turtle Clan) from Kahnawake.

This photo is of my Great Grandpa, Dominic Diabo (Kahnawake) in the late 1950s.

My guess he was born in the 1880s. My Mother was Dorothy Russell, Dominic’s Granddaughter.

She would visit him in the summers at Kahnawake when she was a little girl  Anyone familiar with names, please contact. Niá:wen

|  Image property of Gerri Trapp Rousseau, click to enlarge  |

Information 1   Census, 1901

D'Ailleboust 1901 Census

In 1901, Dominique D’Ailleboust and his wife Marie Anne were living in the Sault-St-Louis Census District. His birth date was listed as January 8th, 1877 while Marie Anne had been born on January 16th, 1883 (click on census image for original source). Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Debates Merits of Three Candidates for Grand Chief’s Post (1941) | Delisle, Diabo, Williams, Woodland



Joe Delisle Opposing Peter Williams and Paul Diabo for Office Vacated by Peter Delisle‘s Death

by Tracy S. Ludington

Feeling is running high today in Caughnawaga as members of six clans hold forth vociferously on the respective merits – and demerits – of three candidates for the post of tribal chief, to fill the shoes of the late Peter Delisle – who died on March 10. Continue reading

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Drowning Near The Mercier Bridge (1953) | Surname: Diabo


Earlier in the morning, two fishermen spotted the body of a 36-year-old native of Caughnawaga in the river about a mile east of the Mercier Bridge.

Police identified the man as Joseph Diabo and said he drowned Saturday evening when his rowboat overturned. It brought last weekend’s drowning toll to 15.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, June 25th, 1953

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Caughnawaga Indian Troubles (1893) | Surnames: Daillebout, Forbes, Kanatsoare, Phillips, Tehotionwasere



A meeting was held in Caughnawaga on Friday evening in the Council House, called by the priest, Father Forbes. Thos. Kanatsoare, Michel Tehotionwasere, John Daillebout (Sowates-Thawenrate), and James Phillips (Sok Tehotionwasere), were present, representing the Council. They had heard that the priest was willing to meet the wishes of the Indians in the matter of selling the church seats, and were satisfied to accept a change that would be agreeable to them. The priest suggested that matters remain as they are to-day, and that next year all the church seats be drawn for. The council Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 181 – 200

HOUSEHOLD 181  Iroquois

Twoaxe, Martin, 64   Twoaxe, Marie, 60

HOUSEHOLD 182  Iroquois

Twoaxe Dominique, 35   Twoaxe Juliette, 37

Twoaxe Marie, 9 Continue reading

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Four Persons Injured (1941) | Surnames: Diabo, Jocks, Martel, Poirier

Four persons were injured when an automobile in which they were riding struck a horse on the Montreal – Caughnawaga road at 8 o’clock Saturday night.

The injured, all of whom were taken to Caughnawaga Hospital for treatment, were Paul Emile Martel, 40 of St Maurice (Terrebonne), driver of the auto: Mr. and Mrs. A. Poirier, 40 and 32 years old respectively of 1027 Woodland avenue, Verdun and Victoran Poirier, 27 of Valleyfield. Martel suffered a broken arm and the other tree victims excaped with mnor cuts and bruises.

The accident was investigated by Provincial Det. . Pinard and Traffic Officer P.E. Leduc, who reported that there were two horses owned by Angus Diabo, Caughnawaga Indian on the highway when the car Continue reading

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Land Seizure Quashed (1940) | Surnames: Cross, Diabo, Rice

Land Seizure Quashed

Indian lands located on reservations are not subject to seizure and sale by the sheriff in the ordinary way which apples to the white man’s property, declared Mrs. Justice Jos. Archambault in a judgment in the Superior Court Saturday in which he quashed as irregular, illegal and null, the seizure upon a parcel of land and buildings in the Caughnawaga reserve.

The property was owned by the late Gordon Diabo. Judgment was obtained for $221 against his widow, Ida Rice, now the wife of Andrew Cross, all of Caughnawaga, and a seizure was granted upon the land on August 24, 1939. It was on the opposition to this seizure that Mrs. Cross made opposition, and won under the provisions of the Indian Act which governs lands on reservations. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 161 – 180

HOUSEHOLD 161  Iroquois

D’Ailleboust John M., 27  D’Ailleboust, Ida, 22

HOUSEHOLD 162   Iroquois

Jacobs Peter, 44   Jacobs Josephine, 34

Jocks Marie, 74 Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 141 – 160

HOUSEHOLD 141 Iroquois

Albany Angus, 55   Albany Anna, 52

Albany Franck, 17   Albany Jean-Baptiste, 14   Albany Tomas, 12

Albany Joseph, 25   Albany Marie, 22

Albany Ignace, 4

HOUSEHOLD 142   Iroquois

Nolan Mike, 50   Nolan Mary-Ann, 38 Continue reading

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