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The Doirons | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Pioneer Families of Caraquet


Zacharie Doiron was the son of Charles Doiron and Madeleine Thibodeau of Port Royal, Acadia. He married Anne LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau) about 1770  and together they had a very large family. Continue reading

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The Doirons | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Index: Pioneer Families of Shippegan

This is a series of micro posts about the pioneers of Shippagan in Gloucester County, New Brunswick. Each post is organized around initial information from Msg. Donat Robichaud’s Le Grand Chipagan: Histoire de Shippagan, supplemented with genealogical data from F. Theriault’s Les Families de Caraquet and is now being gradually enriched with information from other sources. These are mostly French-language sources and some aren’t easily available, so if you need more information please leave your questions in a comment box below  🙂


Doiron first settlers in Chaleurs Bay - Shippegan


The Doirons were relatively late settlers in Shippegan. You can read some historical notes about their ancestors in The Doirons | Pioneers of Caraquet.

Jean -Baptiste Doiron (son of Adrien Doiron and  Domitilde Lanteigne) and Agnes Chiasson (daughter of Prospere Chiasson and Madeleine Caissie) were married on October 18th, 1875.

They had the following children:

  • Joseph Aime (m.1904,  Agnes Chiasson, daughter of Honore Chiasson and Virginie Brideau)
  • Andre (m. 1906, Henriette Duguay, daughter of Osias Duguay and Charlotte Goupil)
  • Marie Clarisse
  • Vital (m. 1907, Marie Robichaud, adopted daughter of George F. Robichaud and Marie Duke)
  • Jean-Baptiste (m. 1910, Aurelie Duelos, formerly married )
  • Michel (m. Melvina Doiron, daughter of Joseph Alfred Doiron and Justine Doiron).


Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR): [Doiron, Mrs. Wilfred, 1957, Investigation into the drowning of J. Ozaire Gionet of Bas-Caraquet last June 27th, at 54 years old, by falling off of the Shippagan quay. Five daughters: Lubina (Mrs. Wilfred Doiron of St. Saver, Marcelline (Mrs. Robert Belliveau of Shellac), Cecile (Mrs. Edgar chiasson of Morais Office), Malvina of Morais Office]  [Doiron, Jean-Baptiste, 1952, 52 years old, formerly of Shippagan, now of Price, Quebec, found dead Saturday the 15th of November on the road for Inkerman, one mile from Shippagan. Alexandre Hebert found him and brought him to William Lumbsden’s home. The corner Dr Gauthier confirmed the death. Married, two children, veteran of two wars, leaves four brothers]


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