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Doucet, Alexandre m. Roy, Marie

My maternal grandmother’s parents Alexandre Doucet and Marie Roi (Roy) were married on the fourth day of March, 1851 in Petit Rocher in the parish of St-Polycarpe.

Index: Mignier Lagaces | France/QC/NB

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Genealogy | Doucet, Charles m. Arsenault, Marie| Nepisiquit Family

Charles Doucet and Marie Arsenault are a couple in my maternal family tree.

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Doucet, Tranquille & Pitre, Rebecca

Tranquille Doucet and Rebecca Pitre are from my maternal Doucet line. They were maried in Petit Rocher on May 9th, 1826. His parents were Charles Doucet and Marie Arsenault and and hers were Michel Pitre and Marguerite Pitre.  All Acadians!

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Doucet, Hedwige – Links Restored

Lameque Cemetery | GenealogyHedwige Doucet

Decede le 15 juillet

age de 2(?) ans



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Evelyn In Montreal: Mary Martha Doucet of Bathurst, N.B. (Pt.1)

Stephen Benton says:

My maternal grandmother was Mary Martha Doucet born in 1898 in Bathurst, NB. Per my mother, I know there were approx 5 children in the family.  All females had the first name of Mary, and I believe they were generally addressed by their middle name. There was only one brother, Simon.  I would much like to learn the name of her parents and any other info on the family.  Mary Martha Doucet married in Canada and emigrated to USA in 1925. I am 52 y/o and live in Louisiana, USA.

Census Information (scroll down for links)

1901 Census (New Brunswick, Gloucester, Bathurst)

Doucett Theodore M   1864

Doucett Bessie   1874

Doucett Francis   1897

Doucett Martha  1899

1911 Census (New Brunswick, Gloucester, Bathurst)

Doucet Theodore Head M Dec 1864 46
21 102 Doucet Elizabeth F Wife M Nov 1874 36
correction exists icon 22 102 Doucet Francis F Daughter S Aug 1896 14
23 102 Doucet Martha F Daughter S Jul 1898 12
24 102 Doucet Marie F Daughter S Apr 1904 7
correction exists icon 25 102 Doucet Nallie F Daughter S Sep 1905 5
26 102 Doucet Simon M Son S Mar 1908 3
27 102 Doucet Elizabeth F Daughter S Jun 1910 1

Vital Statistics Information (scroll down for links)

A Canadian Family


Useful Links

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

1901 Census of Canada – Automated Genealogy Index

1911 Census of Canada Indexing Project – Automated Genealogy

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Joseph R. Doucet, Priest, 1909

Joseph R. Doucet, Priest   Deceased: 10 Jan 1909

Joseph R. Doucet’s parents were Romain Doucet and Marie. He was  a priest and his first parish was Grande-Anse. He is remembered for having supported Acadian rights as well as for his work in connection with agriculture.

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