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French Canadian Pioneers: The Poissons of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec


Francois Poisson / Montreuil | Marie-Catherine Dubreuil

April 28th, 1732 Quebec (Notre-Dame) Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Montreuils of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

Quebec early immigrants


Francois Montreuil / Poisson  |  Marie-Catherine Dubreuil

April 28th, 1732, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. settler]   [Baptismal record] Continue reading

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Paquette m. Brule, 1877 | Evelyn in Montreal

Earlier today Michele Martin was saying  “My g-grandfather, Joseph Guillame PAQUETTE married Marie Brule in 1877 in St. Andre Avelin, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The marriage record says he was from Kantucky. Obviously, this is incorrect. While I have been looking at your site, I noticed that you refer to Kahnawake. I know I have quite a bit of Aboriginal blood and was wondering if any documents still exist that could be referenced for his birth in 1854, and if there is a website. I know it is a reach, but I have had no luck with him at all.”

Information 1 – Confirmation Marriage

The BMS2000 Index (not original document) gives this information for the Paquette/Brule marriage: Joseph Guillaume Paquette (son of Charles Paquette and Marie Periard) married Marie Brule (daughter of Joseph Brule and Angelique Dubreuil) on October 16th, 1877 in St-Joseph Parish in Ottawa. A notation says: spouses from Ste-Anne, Ottawa.

Ancestry.com adds that “Marie Brule was born in St-Andre Avelin about 1851. J.Paquette was born about 1853 in Kentucky Hansbury“.

Information 2  – Perillards in Oka (native territory – see also 1901 census)

323. Jos. Perillard, Indian Agent at Oka, Quebec, wrote to the Secretary of Indian Affairs, on January 2,1907, requesting a hunting permit for an Indian of his Agency who had been prevented from hunting muskrat at Port Union, Ontario (east of Toronto) until he obtained a license. [See Document No. 602.]

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