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Some Lagasses of Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire | Evelyn in Montreal

Earlier this week I was contacted by Peter Lagasse of the Maine Mignier(Meunier)/Lagaces(Lagasse). Peter had already completed his line from Andre Mignier dit Lagace down to himself but wanted to doublecheck the data he’d collected against what I had in my database. The good news is that (with one exception see L.St-Hilaire) I was able to confirm Peter’s Quebec marriage dates with original documents or reputable indexes. This didn’t surprise me because Peter’s Reference List includes a wide-range of high quality sources that show him to be a methodical family history researcher. Continue reading

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Boileau m. Minier (Pt.1) | Evelyn in Montreal

Lyse contacted me in a comment box this morning. She has a Joseph Boileau who ties into some  Miniers and was curious about that line. I enjoyed looking into this because almost all my work deals with the Lagace/Mignier branches, so it was a great opportunity to check into the Meuniers to Miniers line.

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