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Some Dunns of Fox River Who Perished during WWI | Evelyn in Montreal

“My grandmother Josephine (CLOUTIER) BOIS had 3 cousins that were in the first world war. Two died in/around Vimy Ridge, Belgium. I would like to know any information about them such as their regiment, where they are buried at and any information about them. They are Adollard Dunn & Eucariste Dunn & Odilon Dunn. The mother was Marie Cloutier married Jean-Baptiste Dunn. I am going to visit their graves in Belgium in April. If you know any thing about them I would appreciate it.


Hello Ronald,

I think it is admirable that you are taking the trouble to visit your relatives’ graves in Belgium. As the years continue to pass I thought that these graves, and what they commemorate, might begin to be forgotten, but it seems that more and more people continue to visit them and honour our war dead.  For what concerns your question, today I can point you to  information about one of your ancestors – Adelard Dunn


Information 1

When researching Canadian soldiers of WWI, the first place to visit is: Soldiers of the First World War – CEF –  www.collectionscanada.ca  where you will find the attestation papers that were filled by new recruits.  The full-sized version of these forms are a great resource for family historians because they include such details as the recruit’s home address, occupation, religion and physical details. You will find one of your ancestors under the name of  Adelard Dunn.


Information 2

If you are trying to find the burial place of a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who passed away in Europe during WWI. then you will want to consult  The Canadian Virtual War Memorial. I found an entry for your Adelard Dunn, and if you view this form you’ll find date of his death, his military information and medals and other information including what you are seeking, the exact place of burial right down the plot number! You will also find a link to a beautifully work of calligraphy that honours the war dead and which include Adelard Dunn’s name.

 *  *  *


http://www.cefresearch.com (Forum Site)
http://www.cefresearch.com/matrix (CEF Details – Richard Laughton’s project)

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Evelyn in Montreal

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The First Dunns of Riviere-au-Renard (Little Fox River)

A few weeks ago M. Alain Dunn saw my vintage postcard of  Little Fox River/Petite Riviere-au-RenardHe left a comment telling us – among other things – that two of the people on the vintage postcard were from his  Dunn family of Riviere-au-RenardToday I’m sharing a little  genealogical information about the children of John Dunn and Madeline Page – pioneering Dunns of Riviere-au-Renard.


Offspring of John Dunn and Madeline Page Continue reading

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The Dunns of Petite Riviere-au-Renard, Gaspe

Last week M. Alain Dunn left a comment under my  postcard of Petite Riviere-au-Renard (aka Fox River) – one of the most beautiful towns on the spectacular Gaspe coast. This scene was very familiar to M. Dunn – and he was able to answer a question I had about the postcard, so without any further ado, here is what he had to say.

M. Alain Dunn’s Comment

(English Translation follows)

Bonjour Madame,

C’est avec plaisir que j’ai vu les photos de la Petite-Rivière-au-Renard de votre site. La photo avecDunns of Riviere-au-Renard les enfants n’a pas été retouché. Elle est bien connue dans notre famille puisque le deuxième petit garçon avec une casquette pale est mon oncle Lionel et la petite fille debout est ma tante Béatrice.

Cette photo a été prise sur le terrain de la maison de mon père. Les cabanes sur le bord de l’eau servaient au pêcheurs pour y entreposer leurs matériels, ils pouvaient aussi y dormir.Plusieurs tempêtes les ont endommagé avec le temps si bien que les gens ont cessé de les batir à cet endroit. Pour sûr cette photo décrit un paysage réel de la Gaspésie de cette époque.

Si vous avez d’autres photos de la Petite-Rivière-aux-Renards il serait intéressant de les voir sur votre site.

À une prochaine fois, Alain Dunn

*  *  *

English Translation

Dear Madame,

It was a pleasure to see your photos of Petite-Riviere-au-Renard. The photo with the children was not touched-up. It is well known in our family because the second little boy with the light coloured hat is my uncle Lionel – and the little girl standing up is my aunt Beatrice.

This photo was taken on the land of my father’s house. The cabanes on the side of the water served as storage areas for the fishermen. they could also sleep there. Over time, several storms damaged them so that people eventually stopped building at this spot. One thing that’s sure is that this is a true image of the Gaspesie at that time.

If you have any other photos of Petite-Riviere-aux-Renards it would be interesting to see them on your site.

Till next time, Alain Dunn


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